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Blogs about Card games

3 blogs about Card games.

  1. Hiew's Boardgame Blog
    “boardgames, card games, board games, hobby gaming.” By Hiew Chok Sien. 🇲🇾

    in the media: TV2 interview on boardgames and parenting
    I was interviewed by TV2 (Malaysian national TV) journalist Choo Jia Yi, on boardgames, parenting and game design. The interview was aired on 28 Sep 2023. An ex-colleague Howie saw me on TV and excitedly …
    By Hiew Chok Sien 邱卓成, 55 words

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  2. Hipsters of the Coast
    “Magic: the Gathering News and Strategy.”

    What the Heck Does Power Level Even Mean?
    Lowry wants to know what is Power Level? Do you know? Ask your friends. Do they know? Does anyone know? Find out inside! The post What the Heck Does Power Level Even Mean? appeared first …
    By Anthony Lowry, 48 words

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  3. Peter Berthoud | Blog
    “Discovering London stories, art, architecture, photography, pubs, plans and lesser known curios and oddities. Also featuring cards and games with a connection to London's history.” 🇬🇧

    "Gerrymanders - The Funniest Game Ever Invented" Globe Series c. 1900
    Gerrymanders is a novel and amusing antique card game, combining a little dark humour, the surreal and (optionally) lots of noise. Produced to a high standard by Globe, designed in London, made in Bavaria. Gerrymanders, …
    By Peter Berthoud, 951 words

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