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Blogs about Tabletop games

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4 blogs about Tabletop games.

  1. Jeffs Gameblog
    “a blog about games and stuff.” By Jeff Rients.

    Grim Weaponry
    The other day I goofing around on heroforge.comand I decided to knock together a quickie Grim Reaper.That's when I thought of this visual gag, which I call"New Reaper Shows Up to 1st Day of Work …
    By Jeff Rients, 105 words

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  2. Magpie and Old Lead
    By axiom.

    Always Plugged In - Crooked Dice Hacker Kid
    As I'm tidying up some loose ends, I picked a random figure out of my pending pile last night to paint. This time it's a juvenile hacker I'd intended to hang around with my other …
    By axiom, 58 words

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  3. The Other Side blog
    “The Other Side Blog is a game design blog from Timothy S. Brannan.” 🇺🇸

    #Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 9, Room 30
    This is the last tomb of the minor dwarven lords. Inside though is a completely unexpected sight.Inside a gnome necromancer is having a heated conversation with his zombie wife. The gnome, says he has been …
    By Timothy S. Brannan, 297 words

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  4. SteelonSandBlog
    “A record of various projects involving smaller scale Wargaming Miniatures...”

    15mm Terminator: Junkyard Dogs
    I’ve started work on sourcing and painting up some scenic elements and terrain for the 15mm Terminator project, and am kicking things off with some wrecked cars and a suitably scrappy junkyard.I’ve found that 15mm …
    By SteelonSand, 601 words

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