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  1. Togelius
    Better playing through algorithms. By Julian Togelius. 🇺🇸 More info

    AI safety regulation threatens our digital freedoms
    There are those who believe that advanced AI poses a threat to humanity. The argument is that when AI systems become intelligent enough, they may hurt humanity in ways that we cannot foresee, and because …
    By Julian Togelius, 1,694 words
  2. Tom Francis
    I'm a game designer, writer, and programmer on Gunpoint, Heat Signature, and Tactical Breach Wizards. 🇨🇦 More info

    Tom’s Tstretch Timer
    I could never find a work/break timer that worked quite how I wanted, so I made my own. Lately, though, I’ve had RSI issues, and now my focus is on just ensuring I don’t work …
    By Pentadact, 229 words
  3. Toomanywires
    All About Video Games. By Matt. 🇯🇵 More info

    Like a Dragon - The Infinite Joys of Infinite Wealth
    Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has finished with me, but I'm far from finished with it. I spent sixty glorious hours with Ichiban, Kiryu and crew, and I have an overwhelming number things I want …
    By toomanywires, 2,101 words
  4. Triple Eh?
    More info

    "Fy Maen yn Hir"
    looks up Blimey, er, time's kinda flown. But what a year. I posted in INTERLUDE that I needed to sort myself out before the Winter of Discontent II landed. Well, we got through that. We …
    219 words
  5. Weird Fucking Games
    Just a blog about weird fucking games. 🇺🇸 More info

    PROJECT AMBROSIA by Nectar A demo for a surreal adventure game featuring platforming, fetch quests and plenty of bizarre humour. Will there be more in the future? We’ll see. Download on The post PROJECT …
    By wfg, 44 words
  6. Whirlitzer of Wisdom
    Describes the 1990's Macintosh Hypercard 'Whirlitzer of Wisdom' game, based on the ZBS Jack Flanders audio adventure series. 🇺🇸 More info

    You Are Here
    Still stalling on doing the Lunar lookup - although seems easy enough to find out where our Moon was in 1989. But we can review where we are stuck in the game. In the olden …
    By Whirlitzer of Wisdom, 413 words