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Blogs about Illustration

10 blogs about Illustration.

  1. Austin Kleon is a writer who draws.
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    Edge indexes
    Tuesday’s newsletter was about making indexes on the fore-edge of your books and notebooks. Some truly nerdery, which was fun to write about. Read the letter here.
    By Austin Kleon, 29 words
  2. Design is fine. History is mine.
    Imagine a time with no computers but with lots of craftsmanship and creativity. This is my library... By Andrea. 🇩🇪 More info

    Thayaht, Tuta, 1920. Galleria Russo. 2/ Thayaht, Tuta sewing pattern, 1920, La Nazione magazine,…
    Thayaht, Tuta, 1920. Galleria Russo. 2/ Thayaht, Tuta sewing pattern, 1920, La Nazione magazine, Italy. La Stampa. Aleksander Rodchenko in the Soviet Constructivist overall, 1922. Thayaht, Female Tuta sewing pattern, 1920, Museum of Costume and …
    125 words
  3. José Naranja
    Notebookmaker, artjournaling, writer of irrelevant things, beginner calligrapher and dreamer. Author of The Orange Manuscript and The Nautilus Manuscript.Art, notebook, journals, travel, photography, watercolor, cuadernos, illustration, design, handwriting. 🇪🇸 More info

    Finding Inspiration in Satoshi Kon's wisdom
    Satoshi Kon was a true master of his craft, weaving delicate images with deep emotions. His words recently helped me resolve a dilemma that had lingered in my mind for months while crafting the 2050 …
    By Naranja, 181 words
  4. Julia Bausenhardt Blog
    Illustration + Nature Sketching. 🇩🇪 More info

    Sketching a yellow iris
    Today, I’d like to share a flower painting tutorial on how to sketch yellow irises, using the sketching technique I like to call “Loose but Precise.” This demo also shows how to sketch slightly more …
    By Julia, 63 words
  5. Pablo Lara H
    Personal blog of the Illustrator, Photographer and Web Designer Pablo Lara H. 🇧🇷 More info

    Selection of Serif & Display typefaces from Google Fonts
    Denn die Todten reiten schnell A few days ago I was looking for a font similar to an inktrap typeface I saw on a TV Literary show on TV Brasil. I found it. So I …
    By Pablo Lara H, 1,022 words
  6. Scientific Illustration
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    cincylibrary:Blue Yellow-backed Warbler – From John James...
    cincylibrary:Blue Yellow-backed Warbler – From John James Audubon’s Birds of America, circa 1827-1830.
    By ushishir, 20 words
  7. Seeing.Thinking.Drawing
    Drawing thoughts and observations. By Francis D.K. Ching. 🇺🇸 More info

    Happy Lunar New Year!
    In the Chinese Zodiac, this is the Year of the Dragon, beginning on February 10, 2024. The Dragon symbolizes power, nobility, honor, wealth, and success. Those born under this sign are said to possess intelligence, …
    By FC_admin, 82 words
  8. - Established 2003
    illustration/cartooning by David Lee Ingersoll. 🇺🇸 More info

    The post 06.21.2024 first appeared on
    By skook, 8 words
  9. Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives /// Darren Cullen
    Satirical art and illustrations by Darren Cullen. 🇬🇧 More info

    The Hell Bus book arrived back from the printers. I'm so happy with how it turned out. It's 84 pages of all my work since 2017 on Shell and oil company greenwashing. Including some examples …
    By Darren Cullen, 47 words
  10. upside down in cloud
    Illustrator in Bristol, England. I blog local interest, poetry, wildlife, travel, and art. Also LGBT and gender politics! By Dru Marland. 🇬🇧 More info

    Map of Wiltshire's White Horses
    I've re-drawn my Wiltshire White Horses map, because there were elements in the old one I wasn't happy with. And I needed to change the width to height ratio, to fit onto a tea towel …
    By Dru Marland, 243 words