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  1. Arson Cafe
    “Comfort in dissonance.”

    Downfall of Gaia - Silhouettes of Disgust Review
    Created from the ingredients Downfall of Gaia always use, the new record Silhouettes of Disgust is fine to listen to, but also ponders stagnation.I remember my surprise when this band signed up with Metal Blade …
    By VJ-atyc, 440 words

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  2. Black Hand Inn
    “This is a place you can find some links of metal, punk, hardcore albums, old and new.”

    Knoll - Metempiric
    Genre: Grindcore/DeathCountry: U.S.A.Year: 20221. Clepsydra2. Felled Plume3. Throe Of Upheaval4. Burgeoning Pillars5. Dislimned6. Gild Of Blotted Lucre7. Tether And Swine8. Of Troth To Atom9. Marred Alb10. Flux Of Knowing11. The Dwelt Withe12. Whelm13. Tome2nd album …
    By Giak, 73 words

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  3. COVA - ARGH!!!
    “Downloads Metal Extremo.” 🇺🇸

    Age Of Agony – Raven Black (EP 2022)
    Band:Age Of AgonyCountry:HungaryGenre:Death MetalYear:2022Buy the original!BandcampDownload
    By Joseph Mayrink, 14 words

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  4. The Death Chamber
    By Thorne.

    Visceral Reaction - The 7th Mass Extinction [2023]
    Artist: Visceral ReactionAlbum: The 7th Mass ExtinctionYear: 2023Genre: Death MetalWeb: United StatesQuality: 320 KbpsTracklist: 1. Thou Shalt Not Kill 2. Necrofungus 3. Death Incarnate 4. Forced Perspective 5. Einstein's God 6. Nauseating Solitude 7. …
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    Melan Selas - Melan Selas
    Genre: Black Metal Year: 2016 1. Etherial Annihilation 05:41 2. Ἀρχαία Ψυχή (Ancient Spirit) 06:52 3. Χειμῶνος (Of Winter) 04:37 4. Σελάνα (Selana) 04:50 -DOWNLOAD-
    By KOMHS, 27 words

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  6. Hate Meditations
    “Armchair rhetoric on extreme metal.” 🇬🇧

    Beats and yelling from: Cromlech, Contrarian, Skrying Mirror
    Cromlech: Ascent of KingsOut 3rd March on Hessian Firm Bombastic, raw, epic, almost comedic in its sincere quest to deliver giant slabs of epic doom metal that seem to emanate from another time and place, …
    By Hate Meditations, 1,366 words

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  7. Hessian Firm
    “A collective of passionate musicians, writers, artists and music aficionados united by our shared passion for Metal music and the surrounding culture.” By Nicholas Mkhl, Sven Erick, Raphael Alecto.

    Cromlech Release Ascent of Kings
    We are proud to announce that Cromlech’s Ascent of Kings has now been officially released. We will be shipping CDs out on Monday for all those who have pre-ordered. The… The post Cromlech Release Ascent …
    By hessianfirm, 47 words

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  8. MetalSucks
    “Metal News, Tour Dates, Reviews and Videos.” 🇺🇸

    Exclusive: The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Ben Weinman Explains the Importance of “Building Your Tribe”
    Starting a band and finding success in 2023 sounds like one of the hardest things to do in music. Thanks to the proliferation of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, people have almost too …
    By Hesher Keenan, 444 words

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    “Destroy your modern metal, and bang your fucking head!” By Chris DAlessandro. 🇨🇦

    Interview with H. of Oerheks (Silver Knife, Hypothermia, Monads…)
    This is a discussion that took place over the course of a week with H.—Lone member in the atmospheric black metal project called Oerheks. I received an early listening promo for 'Landschapsanachronismen' and was levelled …
    By Chris DAlessandro, 2,436 words

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