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  1. Archaic Inventions
    Turn on, tune in, drop out. Today. More info

    M.A.B. - Words Never Told -1986- (Cassette, Anti-Musik Der Landsh, AML 5), Poland
    Here's another relic from behind the iron curtain on the great Polish cassette label Anti-Musik Der Landsh that was founded by Mariusz Blachowicz in the small town of Łańcut. The label is another prime example …
    By Bence, 439 words
  2. Austin Town Hall
    Bringing the jams... By Nathan Lankford. 🇺🇸 More info

    Book Review: Depeche Mode’s 101 by Mary Valle
    When digging into the vast catalog of books from the 33 and 1/3 series (Bloomsbury), you get all sorts of approaches to the discussion of an album. You’ll the biographical, the narrative, the political, a …
    By nathan.lankford, 68 words
  3. Black Hand Inn
    This is a place you can find some links of metal, punk, hardcore albums, old and new. More info

    Corax B.M. - Pagana
    Genre: Black/PaganCountry: GreeceYear: 20241. Angelos Eksodios2. Mythos3. Apostatis4. Pagana5. Taphos6. Antara7. ZophosDebut album by Corax B.M. The group most certainly do justice to the genre. 'Pagana' is raw, hostile and fiery. It’s not going to …
    By Giak, 59 words
  4. COVA - ARGH!!!
    Downloads Metal Extremo. 🇺🇸 More info

    Vulcano - Epilogue (2024)
    Band:VulcanoCountry:BrazilGenre:Thrash/Death MetalYear:2024Buy the original!BandcampDownload
    By Joseph Mayrink, 8 words
  5. Dead Wax
    By Bob. 🇺🇸 More info

    Homer (Scadillac) Taylor
    Homer (Scadillac Taylor's second single on Ro-Al-Ta Ro-Al-Ta Record Co.P.O. Box 85, New York 39, N.Y.1/2 Homer (Scadillac) TaylorFool’s Gold (w. Nick A. Kenny & Charles F. Kenny, Goldmine Music) 4May54Wonderland Dance (w. & m. …
    By Bob, 333 words
    By Sadhu Sadhu, Prabha Devi, Moahaha. 🇮🇳 More info

    Dream Weapons present: (STOP AND) SMELL THE ROSES C60
    It’s summer and sunny outside. I feel that it's time for another golden hour of oldies. Eleven songs and (as often before) eleven matching instrumental. Like my previous «A Million Dreams Ago» this collection contains …
    By Moahaha, 255 words
    More info

    Konrad Boehmer – Obras electrónicas (1966-1984) (MP3, 320 kBit/s)
    Konrad Boehmer (1941 - 2014), compositor neerlandés de origen alemán, estudió composición con Gottfried Michael Koenig de 1959 a 1961, así como filosofía, sociología y musicología en la Universidad de Colonia. De 1961 a 1963, …
    By emefer, 341 words
  8. Fluxblog
    Fluxblog is the first MP3 Blog. It was founded by me, Matthew Perpetua, in 2002. 🇺🇸 More info

    Updated ⚠️️

    Still trying to fetch this feed, but last time we got ‘Not Found’.

    They Say It’s Brand New
    King Krule “It’s All Soup Now” Your interpretation of this song probably depends on your feelings about soup in general. If you love soup – if you’re truly passionate about soup – you might wonder …
    By Matthew, 136 words
  9. Fuji Puzzle Box
    Here, let me open up those horizons for you. By Taylor Jessen. 🇺🇸 More info

    Various Artists: Sugar, Alcohol, & Meat—The Dial-a-Poem Poets
    Been coveting this for a long time; delighted to find a copy after all this time and restore it. Some notes on people not credited in the original packaging: The poets on the cover are …
    By Taylor Jessen, 592 words
    🇬🇷 More info

    Sickening Horror - Chaos Revamped
    Genre: Technical/Progressive Death Metal Year: 2020 01. Outburst 02. Fragments of Time 03. Transmutation 04. Cubical Void 05. Monarch 06. Chaos Revamped 07. Dawn of the Sick 08. Glacial Warfare 09. Loophole 10. Fire Imploded …
    By KOMHS, 38 words
  11. Left and to the Back
    A vinyl collector's blog focused on odd and essential finds from the 60s and beyond. 🇬🇧 More info

    The End
    I was sifting through the "Left and to the Back" Facebook mail the other day, and was reminded that somebody once sent me a message with the subject line "Never Quit". They're not going to …
    By 23 Daves, 305 words
  12. Die or D.I.Y.?
    By Jonny Zchivago. 🇫🇷 More info

    Enski Boski – "I Found Jesus In A Gay Bar" (Hamster Records And Tapes – HAM 13) 1984
    Sorry for a prolonged absence on my part,but, these guys are just Krazy.It sounds like the music a mom's basement dwelling guy with ADHD would send to the recording arm of Sony,fully expecting a lucrative …
    By Jonny Zchivago, 388 words
  13. The Perfumed Garden
    An audio tribute to the late John Peel. 🇬🇧 More info

    John Peel - 9th January 1990
    Featuring New Fast Automatic Daffodils in session.Download HereElectronic - Getting Away Wit It (Factory)Hijack - The Badman Is Robbin' (Rhyme Syndicate)New Fast Automatic Dafodills - Purple Haze (Session)Snuff - Purple Haze (Workers Playtime)Admiral Baily - …
    By Peel07, 166 words
  14. Said the Gramophone
    an mp3 blog. By Sean Michaels, et al. 🇨🇦 More info

    BEST SONGS OF 2023
    The tick-tock of time trips on and here we are again, old friends. Said the Gramophone. Best songs. By now I hope you know the drill. This world needs some kindnesses--it wants more peace, liberation, …
    By Sean, 7,569 words
  15. Soul Sides
    something you can feel. By Oliver Wang. 🇺🇸 More info

    (I’ve said this in the past but I don’t want artists dying to be only time I actually write new content. I guess I don’t spend enough time giving flowers to the living; I really …
    By O-Dub, 60 words
  16. soundtrack heaven
    for movie enthusiasts and music afficianados, a collection of rare, hard to find, out of print, lost, forgotten and classic movie soundtracks. By Marty. 🇦🇺 More info

    Baraka (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - music by Michael Stearns and various artists
    1 Kohachiro Miyata– Opening / Nepal Morning 6:012 Somei Satoh– Organics 4:453 Gonzalo Vargas– Wipala 5:064 Dead Can Dance– The Host Of Seraphim 6:205 Michael Stearns– Village Dance 2:586 L. Subramaniam– Varansi Sunrise 6:437 Anugama …
    By Marty, 89 words
  17. The World's Worst Records
    an arcade of audio atrocities. By Darryl W. Bullock. 🇬🇧 More info

    What's in a Name?
    It has been several years since I last wrote about song-poem outfit Tin Pan Alley, but I don’t believe I’ve ever gone into much detail about their subsidiary labels, Pageant and TPA. First, here’s a …
    By Darryl W. Bullock, 1,005 words