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  1. Archaic Inventions
    “Turn on, tune in, drop out. Today.”

    M.A.B. - Words Never Told -1986- (Cassette, Anti-Musik Der Landsh, AML 5), Poland
    Here's another relic from behind the iron curtain on the great Polish cassette label Anti-Musik Der Landsh that was founded by Mariusz Blachowicz in the small town of Łańcut. The label is another prime example …
    By Bence, 439 words

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  2. Austin Town Hall
    “Bringing the jams...” By Nathan Lankford. 🇺🇸

    Friday Album Streams: The Small Intestines, Hartle Road, Melenas + More
    What’s the old cliche? When it rains, it pours? It’s a freaking downpour over here, as there’s just too damn much good music, or at least for my ears. I tried to pick up what …
    By nathan.lankford, 161 words

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  3. Black Hand Inn
    “This is a place you can find some links of metal, punk, hardcore albums, old and new.”

    Skálmöld - Ýdalir
    Genre: Viking/HeavyCountry: IcelandYear: 20231. Ýr2. Ýdalir3. Urður4. Ratatoskur5. Verðandi6. Veðurfölnir7. Skuld8. Níðhöggur9. Ullur6th album by Skalmold, 5 years after their last one. It is an exceptionally solid collection of tracks that bounce between various points …
    By Giak, 81 words

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  4. COVA - ARGH!!!
    “Downloads Metal Extremo.” 🇺🇸

    KK's Priest - The Sinner Rides Again (2023)
    Band:KK's PriestCountry:UKGenre:Heavy MetalYear:2023Buy the original!Download
    By Joseph Mayrink, 13 words

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  5. Dead Wax
    By Bob. 🇺🇸

    In praise of the "Almost"
    Why in praise of the almost ? Firstly, I'm fascinated by what is so close and yet sometimes inaccessible. Secondly, I lack inspiration today.Almost - Not Quite - So ClosetracklistDipper's Quintet - It's Almost Christmas …
    By Bob, 107 words

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    By Sadhu Sadhu, Prabha Devi, Moahaha. 🇮🇳

    Dream Weapons present: TERRESTRIAL PLANETS C90
    As you may have noticed I’ve made quite a few 1970’s jazz-themed mixtapes. On Terrestrial Planets all the music presented were recorded sometime in between 1958-1968. My first from this era but probably not the …
    By Moahaha, 197 words

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    Henry Kaiser – It’s a Wonderful Life (1984) (AVANT GARDE PROJECT 134, FLAC)
    Henry Kaiser (nacido en 1952) es un guitarrista y compositor vanguardista estadounidense, a menudo contado entre la nueva generación de improvisadores, que también ha adquirido notoriedad como cámara submarino. Para más información biográfica sobre Henry …
    By emefer, 198 words

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  8. Fluxblog
    “Fluxblog is the first MP3 Blog. It was founded by me, Matthew Perpetua, in 2002.” 🇺🇸

    Holy Spirit Through My Veins
    Cleo Sol “Heaven” If there is a “Heaven” I suppose everything there would sound like it’s in “Dilla time,” as it does in this song. The exceptionally loose groove suits Cleo Sol’s voice rather well, …
    By Matthew, 133 words

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  9. Fuji Puzzle Box
    “Here, let me open up those horizons for you.” By Taylor Jessen. 🇺🇸

    Various Artists: Battle of the Garages, Vol. 4: Tomorrow the World!
    As the title promises, lots of great garage-eriffic trash here. Songs with just two chords when one was too many! (Be aware that unfortunately this record either was not Q.C.-ed during mastering or it was …
    By Taylor Jessen, 194 words

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    Abaddon - The Existence
    Genre: Black Metal Year: 2014 1. Summoning The Entity (Intro) 2. Lucifer's Fall 3. The Existence 4. The Satanic Beauty 5. Genesis -DOWNLOAD-
    By KOMHS, 24 words

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  11. Left and to the Back
    “A vinyl collector's blog focused on odd and essential finds from the 60s and beyond.” 🇬🇧

    Mandarin Kraze - See You In September/ Susie
    Future member of The Records with smooth harmony pop effortLabel: SparkYear of Release: 1973While the volume of press dedicated to them would barely outweigh a stray pigeon feather, Southend's Mandarin Kraze were a constant presence …
    By 23 Daves, 290 words

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  12. Die or D.I.Y.?
    By Jonny Zchivago. 🇫🇷

    Killdozer – "For Ladies Only" (Touch And Go – T&GLP#39) 1989
    As one has already outed "For Ladies Only" by Killdozer......the American Killdozer,and not the not bad actually French Killdozer; the greatest covers album of all time earlier in this thread. I thought that maybe I …
    By Jonny Zchivago, 482 words

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  13. The Perfumed Garden
    “An audio tribute to the late John Peel.” 🇬🇧

    John Peel - 9th January 1990
    Featuring New Fast Automatic Daffodils in session.Download HereElectronic - Getting Away Wit It (Factory)Hijack - The Badman Is Robbin' (Rhyme Syndicate)New Fast Automatic Dafodills - Purple Haze (Session)Snuff - Purple Haze (Workers Playtime)Admiral Baily - …
    By Peel07, 166 words

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  14. Said the Gramophone - an mp3 blog
    By Sean Michaels, et al. 🇨🇦

    BEST SONGS OF 2022
    Hi everyone! Can you believe it's been a year? It's been a year. You deserve a hug, a rest, a fruitcake. Here's some plain green tea, here's a priceless emerald, here are my 100 favourite …
    By Sean, 7,555 words

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  15. Soul Sides
    “something you can feel.” By Oliver Wang. 🇺🇸

    (I’ve said this in the past but I don’t want artists dying to be only time I actually write new content. I guess I don’t spend enough time giving flowers to the living; I really …
    By O-Dub, 60 words

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  16. The World's Worst Records
    “an arcade of audio atrocities.” By Darryl W. Bullock. 🇬🇧

    Here Come the Mad Hatters
    One of those albums that is forever turning up in ‘bad album cover art’ lists, for years I had assumed that the sole album by the Mad Hatters (or the Mad-Hatters, as they appear on …
    By Darryl W. Bullock, 410 words

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