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  1. Archaic Inventions
    “Turn on, tune in, drop out. Today.”

    Various Artists - Musicworks 48 - Warren Burt, Rhys Chatham, Susan Frykberg -1990- (Cassette, Musicworks), Canada
    Here's another Musicworks cassette compilation. Musicworks was a journal that focused on Canadian avant-garde music as well as music recorded during music meetings in Canada by foreign musicians. It was founded by Andrew Timar and …
    By Bence, 199 words

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  2. Austin Town Hall
    “Bringing the jams...” By Nathan Lankford. 🇺🇸

    The Toads Announce In the Wilderness
    Currently digging through a lot of my emails from the last week, and lo and behold, there’s one in here mentioning new band the Toads, compiled of various folks from Shifters, Parsnip and Ausmuteants (among …
    By nathan.lankford, 125 words

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  3. Black Hand Inn
    “This is a place you can find some links of metal, punk, hardcore albums, old and new.”

    Knoll - Metempiric
    Genre: Grindcore/DeathCountry: U.S.A.Year: 20221. Clepsydra2. Felled Plume3. Throe Of Upheaval4. Burgeoning Pillars5. Dislimned6. Gild Of Blotted Lucre7. Tether And Swine8. Of Troth To Atom9. Marred Alb10. Flux Of Knowing11. The Dwelt Withe12. Whelm13. Tome2nd album …
    By Giak, 73 words

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  4. COVA - ARGH!!!
    “Downloads Metal Extremo.” 🇺🇸

    Age Of Agony – Raven Black (EP 2022)
    Band:Age Of AgonyCountry:HungaryGenre:Death MetalYear:2022Buy the original!BandcampDownload
    By Joseph Mayrink, 14 words

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  5. Dead Wax
    By Bob. 🇺🇸

    Forty Pound Chicken
    This is possibly the same Bill Harris who played bass in the Conway Twitty earliest band when he was called Harold Jenkins.Conway Twitty and Bill HarrisForty Pound ChickenGreat Records 1170 (1968)
    By Bob, 34 words

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    By Sadhu Sadhu, Prabha Devi, Moahaha. 🇮🇳

    Dream Weapons present: THE SHRINE C90
    The Shrine was a fraternal publication distributed to members from 1926–1928. Freemasonry feel like a bizarre anachronism to me. Yet to me these nearly century old magazine-covers are timeless works of captivating beauty. And that’s …
    By Moahaha, 357 words

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    Donald Erb – Varias obras (1964-1983) (AVANT GARDE PROJECT 97 y 122, FLAC)
    Donald James Erb (1927-2008) fue un compositor estadounidense nacido en Ohio que se dio a conocer muy pronto como trompetista de una orquesta de baile local. Tras su paso por la Marina durante la Segunda …
    By emefer, 693 words

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  8. Fluxblog
    “Fluxblog is the first MP3 Blog. It was founded by me, Matthew Perpetua, in 2002.” 🇺🇸

    Find Yourself Another
    Kenya Grace “Afterparty Lover” When Kenya Grace sings “I don’t want to be your afterparty lover” she really means to say she doesn’t want to only be their afterparty lover. The afterparty loving is already …
    By Matthew, 146 words

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  9. Fuji Puzzle Box
    “Here, let me open up those horizons for you.” By Taylor Jessen. 🇺🇸

    George Gerdes: Son of Obituary
    On this sequel to his 1971 debut Obituary George Gerdes moves more solidly into Southern boogie rock territory, and the results are super satisfying. Standaout tracks for me are "Sack of Woe" and "Roll Me …
    By Taylor Jessen, 130 words

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    Melan Selas - Melan Selas
    Genre: Black Metal Year: 2016 1. Etherial Annihilation 05:41 2. Ἀρχαία Ψυχή (Ancient Spirit) 06:52 3. Χειμῶνος (Of Winter) 04:37 4. Σελάνα (Selana) 04:50 -DOWNLOAD-
    By KOMHS, 27 words

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  11. Left and to the Back
    “A vinyl collector's blog focused on odd and essential finds from the 60s and beyond.” 🇬🇧

    The Bloomfields - The Loner/ Heads Hands & Feet - Homing In On The Next Trade Wind
    Back by popular demand - it's The Futs plus orchestra! (kinda)Label: PyeYear of Release: 1972What a peculiar find. The Richard Harris directed 1971 sports film "Bloomfield", featuring Harris himself playing the title role, was one …
    By 23 Daves, 321 words

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  12. Die or D.I.Y.?
    By Jonny Zchivago. 🇫🇷

    Duplo Chat – "Duplo Chat" (Moon Mist Music- mmm) 2015
    Ahhhh, a piece for that old standard of the DIY experimental underground.......The badly tuned Radio.This was probably the first electronic instrument I owned.Short wave was a favourite,but this one sounds more on the Long Wave …
    By Jonny Zchivago, 395 words

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  13. The Perfumed Garden
    “An audio tribute to the late John Peel.” 🇬🇧

    John Peel - 4th March 1981
    Featuring sessions from Dead Or Alive and The Damned. Download HereNew Order Ceremony (Factory)Icarus - Don't Pur Reggae In A Bag (Russian Roulette)Dead Or Alive - Nowhere To Nowhere (Session)Yachts - A Fool Like You …
    By Peel07, 159 words

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  14. Said the Gramophone - an mp3 blog
    By Sean Michaels, et al. 🇨🇦

    BEST SONGS OF 2022
    Hi everyone! Can you believe it's been a year? It's been a year. You deserve a hug, a rest, a fruitcake. Here's some plain green tea, here's a priceless emerald, here are my 100 favourite …
    By Sean, 7,555 words

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  15. Soul Sides
    “something you can feel.” By Oliver Wang. 🇺🇸

    “Give the flowers to the living” (or, in this case, daisies I suppose). I’m appreciative to URB Magazine for many reasons, not the least of which is that they gave me the opportunity to interview …
    By O-Dub, 61 words

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  16. The World's Worst Records
    “an arcade of audio atrocities.” By Darryl W. Bullock. 🇬🇧

    Charlie Barlow Sings!
    Alan Stratford Johns (born 22 September 1925) first came to prominence, here in the UK at least, in the mid-1950s, in a string of small parts in movies and theatre, before hitting the big time …
    By Darryl W. Bullock, 718 words

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