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  1. Arseblog ... an Arsenal blog
    Oh Jesus …
    For the first time in weeks, this blog won’t open with World Cup news. Well, not specifically World Cup news, but it does involve an Arsenal player at the tournament. No doubt most of you …
    By arseblog, 751 words

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  2. Jon's Place NEW
    “Talking rubbish since 2009.” By Jon Smalldon. 🇬🇧
    At the Match: Eastbourne Borough Women v Denne Park Women
    There’s a Ray Bradbury story about rain. From memory, it is about a group of men (this is a 1950s version of the future) trekking across a world (maybe Venus) where the rain is relentless. …
    By jonsmalldon, 66 words

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  3. Peter King's Football Morning In America - ProFootballTalk
    FMIA Week 12: Josh Jacobs Takes Heckling Personally, And A Banner Week For Two-Point Conversion Risks
    This Josh Jacobs is a fabulous player. We’ve got 15 more pennant-racy things to talk about today than the 4-7 Raiders—the 49ers haven’t allowed a second-half point in five weeks, no one wants to win …
    By Peter King, 72 words

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  4. Sitting In The Cheap Seats
    “The internet repository for the inane ramblings of Matt Merritt.” 🇬🇧
    Crazy For You @ Chichester Festival Theatre
    It’s the hottest day on record, the south coast swelters as we all look for a way to cool off… and on stage at Chichester Festival Theatre it is hotter still as their big summer …
    By Matt, 504 words

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  5. NEW
    “Your Worldwide Center for Table Tennis Coaching.” By Larry Hodges. 🇺🇸
    November 29, 2029
    November 29, 2029 Tip of the Week What Comes First, Speed or Consistency? JOOLA North American Teams I spent Thanksgiving weekend coaching at the Teams at the National Harbor in Maryland. It was my 46th …
    By Larry Hodges, 3,683 words

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  6. Uni Watch | For People Who Get It™
    “Uni Watch is a media project that deconstructs the finer points of sports uniforms (and occasionally other topics) in obsessive and excruciating detail.” By Paul Lukas, et al. 🇺🇸
    Uni Watch News Ticker for Dec. 3, 2022
    In today’s rather brief ticker, we’ve got a World Cup NOB, a new Triple-A club cap, and an update on New York’s efforts to remove Native American mascots from public … Source
    By Anthony Emerson, 40 words

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