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  1. Eric Bailey – Writing NEW
    “Inclusive design advocate, writer, developer, and speaker.” 🇺🇸

    I doubled-down on RSS
    Twitter is currently a lot like one of those spiral coin drop wishing wells you encounter at the mall. The quarter that is its imminent demise is revolving faster and faster and will probably drop …
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  2. hello, yes. - Blog
    “The most Recent blog posts about all things Design, Development, CSS, Design Engineering, etc.” By Thomas Michael Semmler. 🇦🇹

    Craft vs Industry: Separating Concerns
    This post is probably too long, but I need someplace that I can refer to. As is often the case, I am writing this to sort my thoughts, primarily. But I am hoping to give …
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  3. | Blog
    “Hidde's blog about web accessibility, standards, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.” By Hidde de Vries. 🇳🇱

    My ideal accessible components resource is holistic, well tested and easy to use
    It would be easier to have an accessible web if all we did with it was publish documents. Blobs of text, images here and there. But modern sites (or “applications”) do a lot more than …
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  4. Jim Nielsen’s Blog

    Logical Properties and Ease
    I’ll admit, I’m late to the logical properties party. The purist in me loves the idea because it makes CSS more internally consistent with its design to be a language-agnostic framework for uni-directional layout. Chris …
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    “The home page of technical writer, author, and speaker Jeremy Wagner.” 🇺🇸

    I went and wrote a book
    I wrote Responsible JavaScript for A Book Apart. I hope you’ll consider buying it, and if you do, I hope you like it.
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  6. Josh W Comeau
    “Friendly tutorials for developers. Focus on React, CSS, Animation, and more!” By Joshua W Comeau. 🇨🇦

    The End of Front-End Development
    Large language models like GPT-4 are becoming increasingly capable, at an alarming rate. Within a couple of years, we won't need developers any more! …Or at least, that's the narrative going viral on Twitter. I'm …
    By Josh W. Comeau, 57 words

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  7. justmarkup
    “I am a freelance front-end developer focusing on accessibility, progressive enhancement and web performance.” By Michael Scharnagl. 🇩🇪

    Eleven years
    Eleven years ago I published my first article on this site, and it's still alive. Writing # I haven't really published anything in the last year, only five thoughts (notes), but no technical article at …
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  8. Keith J. Grant
    “I make things on the web.”

    React Pays the Bills
    It seems to be trendy to trash on React again. Look, I know these criticisms aren’t targeted at me, but I can’t help but feel defensive when I see post after post accusing React of …
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  9. Laura Kalbag – Blog
    “All the blog posts ever written by Laura Kalbag.” 🇮🇪

    Web3: creating problems where we need solutions
    A few weeks ago I gave a talk for Smashing Meets about Web3. Find the talk description below. You can watch the video of ‘Web3: creating problems where we need solutions’ on Smashing Magazine’s Vimeo. …
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  10. Lisi Linhart 👩‍💻

  11. LogRocket Blog
    “For Frontend Developers and Web App Engineers.” 🇺🇸

    Storytelling: Designing the user’s journey with UX story mapping
    We are inveterate storytellers, “who create our own identities around a story,” says philosopher Owen Flanagan. It seems appropriate that story (without the definitive article) is a powerful design thinking tool. Task and user flows …
    By David Hall, 2,336 words

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  12. Lynn Fisher | Thoughts
    “Writing by Lynn Fisher about design, development, the web industry, and more.” 🇺🇸

    The nbsp; was breaking after all
    I’d been meaning to migrate my blog off for a long time. I set it up in 2009 and while I still love the ease of not having to maintain a Wordpress install, lots …
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  13. Manuel Matuzovic - Manuel Matuzović NEW
    “I'm a frontend developer from Vienna, specialized in HTML, accessibility, and CSS layout and architecture.” 🇦🇹

    My CSS wish list
    I know I’m late to the party, but there are a few things on my CSS wish list I haven’t seen on others, so I thought I’d share. Visually hidden content I'd love to see …
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  14. Manuel Matuzović - Web development Blog
    “My personal blog. Nowadays I focus a lot on accessibility but I also write about CSS layout, architecure, and performance.” 🇦🇹

    My CSS wish list
    I know I’m late to the party, but there are a few things on my CSS wish list I haven’t seen on others, so I thought I’d share. Visually hidden content I'd love to see …
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  15. Matthias Ott · Articles
    “User Experience Designer.” 🇩🇪

    Synthe Size Me
    Leonie Watson just shared an interesting audio snippet on Mastodon: What sounds like her speaking about accessibility is actually not Leonie, but an AI-generated synthetic voice, a cloned version of Leonie’s voice based on …
    By matthiasott, 463 words

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  16. Miriam Eric Suzanne NEW
    “writing & speaking & music & theater & cetera.” 🇺🇸

    JavaScript Automation on Mac
    New powers unlocked! When my Alfred word counting workflow stopped working (flowing?) I discovered it was written as a php script – and could be re-written with JS. So I did! I’ve been using Alfred …
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  17. Monica Dinculescu – Blog
    “I'm a creative engineer who builds delightful web experiences.” 🇺🇸

    Hallucinating with art models
    Wow, long time, no posts! Anyway, about them text-to-art generative models going about, eh? Surprising nobody: I am extremely into them. I’ve been using DALL-E and MidJourney since they came out, and even though tons …
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  18. Oh Hello Ana - Blog
    “Ana's personal blog.” By Ana Rodrigues. 🇬🇧

    This post has a content note of pregnancy, birth & mention of previous loss. Visit the link directly if you're okay with reading it.
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  19. Overreacted
    “Personal blog by Dan Abramov. I explain with words and code.”

    npm audit: Broken by Design
    Security is important. Nobody wants to be the person advocating for less security. So nobody wants to say it. But somebody has to say it. So I guess I’ll say it. The way npm audit …
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  20. Piccalilli - Blog
    “I’m the founder of Set Studio, a creative agency that specialises in building stunning websites that work for everyone.” By Andy Bell. 🇬🇧

    A CLS punishment for progressive enhancement?
    Update: June 28th, 2022: Scott came through with a smart approach using a <details> and <summary> on WebPageTest. Barry showed us a smart approach using a footer based menu that’s progressively ehanced on the Web …
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