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  1. Raph's Website
    “Raph Koster's personal website: MMOs, gaming, writing, art, music, books.” 🇺🇸

    Ultima Online’s 25th anniversary
    Well, twenty-five years is a long time. Half a life, in fact! Given that I actually started work on UO on September 1st 1995, it’s actually more than half. The fact that the game is …
    By Raph Koster, 924 words

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  2. XIX век
    “Notes on nineteenth-century Russian poetry and prose.” By Erik McDonald. 🇺🇸

    Words new to me: двуличневый
    The word litso ‘face’ gives us the familiar dvulichnyi ‘two-faced, hypocritical,’ and dvulichnevyi sure looks like a different version of that same word, but that meaning didn’t fit here: Imagine, I paid them a visit! …
    By Erik McDonald, 345 words

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  3. Coffee Snob Blog
    “Your guide to bringing out your inner Coffee Snob.” By Louisa. 🇬🇧

    Pink Lane Coffee Collective, Newcastle
    In a nutshell: -one of the main players in the North East roastery scene -a coffee collective serving the local community -a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere in a location that’s hard to beat Pink Lane Coffee …
    By Coffee Snob, 981 words

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