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  1. The Comics Curmudgeon
    By Josh Fruhlinger. 🇺🇸 More info

    Metapost: Midsomer murderously funny COTW
    Comics Curmudgeon readers! Do you love this blog and yearn for a novel written by its creator? Well, good news: Josh Fruhlinger's The Enthusiast is that novel! It's even about newspaper comic strips, partly. Check …
    By Josh, 725 words
  2. Kurt McKee
    lessons learned in production. More info

    Revitalizing stalled open source projects
    I recently encountered an open source project that hadn't received updates for a while. The issue tracker had ~200 open issues, ~70 open pull requests, and CI was partially failing. It's not uncommon for projects …
    By Kurt McKee, 1,943 words
  3. Campaign for Real Pubs
    They can still be found if you know where to look... 🇬🇧 More info

    The Cross Keys
    The Cross Keys, Penkridge, Staffordshire ST19 5HJ An old pub standing by the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal to the south-east of the village centre, it was originally isolated in the middle of open fields, but …
    By Curmudgeon, 293 words