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Random blogs

  1. Traingeek – Trains and Photography
    I am a photographer who specializes in trains and grain elevators. I like to tell stories through my photos and my blog. By Steve Boyko. 🇨🇦 More info

    Railways in Liechtenstein
    I really should say “railway” in Lichtenstein, since there is only one and it just passes through the country.
    By steve, 22 words
    A blog about music by Richard Williams. 🇬🇧 More info

    Oh, Yoko
    The first time I met Yoko Ono, at the Apple HQ in Savile Row in September 1969, I was impressed by her obvious engagement. She and John Lennon were doing a day of interviews, and …
    By Richard Williams, 911 words
  3. Pieter Belmans — blog
    My mathematical interests are in algebraic geometry, noncommutative algebra and higher structures. 🇱🇺 More info

    I've joined the editorial board of Experimental Mathematics
    This has been on the website for a few months now, but I have joined the editorial board for Experimental Mathematics, following the "reboot" led by Al Kasprzyk. Please submit your interesting and high-quality experimental …
    60 words