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Random blogs

  1. Jerry Ng's blog
    “Welcome to my personal website. Here, I write about my silly pursuits and unlikely follies.” 🇸🇬

    Python Exception Handling: Patterns and Best Practices
    When it comes to raising exceptions and exception handling in Python, I've often found myself pondering, "Should I re-raise this exception? Or maybe I should raise it from another exception?"You see, the thing is, there …
    By Jerry Ng, 1,688 words

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  2. A Bigger Camera
    By Darin Boville. 🇺🇸

    Books On My Desk: Buried Things in the Sand, Buried Things in Your Mind
    Egypt and the Holy Land in Historic Photographs. 77 Views by Francis Frith.Introduction by Julia Van Haaften, Selection and Commentary by Jon E Manic WhitePublished by Dover Publications, 1980 Frith was an English photographer in …
    By Darin Boville, 616 words

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  3. Human Transit
    “The professional blog of public transit consultant Jarrett Walker.” 🇺🇸

    Santa Cruz County: A Growing Transit Agency in a Beautiful Place
    While you’ve heard plenty about big US agencies facing a “fiscal cliff,” some agencies are doing well and expanding their offerings as their staffing permits. That includes Portland and Dallas, where we’ve been working, but …
    By Jarrett, 796 words

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