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  1. Django Andy, , more info

    When Dall-e acts like The Man and tries to bring you down.
    Sometimes Dall-e says it wont generate an image due to its content policy, particularly if you name copyrighted works. A common example is superhero names. In this case my prompt was: a montage of lord of the rings images within the silhouette of a hobbit. It replied: I’m unable to generate images based on your request due to our content policy. If you have another idea or a different request, …
    By djangoandy, 156 words
  2. We Are the Mutants, , more info

    Truckin’ for Souls: Explo ’72 and the Jesus Revolution
    Michael Grasso / February 21, 2024 Near the end of Richard Nixon’s first term, the forces of conservatism and reaction were in the ascendancy in America. This public resurgence of “traditional values” was itself a counter-revolution against the turmoil unleashed by the young in their opposition to the Vietnam War and their support for the civil rights struggle, which had swept through America’s streets over the previous decade. America’s traditional …
    By Michael Grasso, 1,870 words
  3. - Blog, , more info

    View transitions: Handling aspect ratio changes
    This post assumes some knowledge of view transitions. If you're looking for a from-scratch intro to the feature, see this article. When folks ask me for help with view transition animations that "don't quite look right", it's usually because the content changes aspect ratio. Here's how to handle it: Unintentional aspect ratio changes It's pretty common for these aspect ratio changes to be unintentional. For example, here's some CSS: .simple-text …
    1,216 words
  4. Airbag Industries by Greg Storey, , more info

    Adiós muchachos.
    Perhaps I should be more emotional about this, but this will be my last blog post on Airbag. The time has come to make this domain more useful than where I share my thoughts and feelings about things and stuff. It has been a wonderful stage to practice writing in the English language (still needs a lot of work) and engaging with hundreds of people here on this site and …
    398 words
  5. Mark Hurrell – Prospects, , more info

    If we think it is a game, then it becomes a game
    So I haven’t written anything on here for a year and a half. It turns out the old saying is true; freelancing on interesting projects while raising a small human and navigating the US visa system doesn’t leave much time for writing blog posts. But don’t worry. We’ve been having fun, surfing the doom loop, learning to love the smell of napalm in the morning, and so on. Last week …
    1,493 words
  6. Nicky Makes Words Sometimes, , more info

    Clearing out the idea closet (47 projects on my backlog)
    Wow, I haven't shipped anything in a year and a half, huh? Not even a blog post? Sure, I've generated lots of ideas, at different stages of development, but in the end, all that matters is what's out there. So this month, I'm shipping this blog post about all the projects I haven't shipped (yet). Motivations for this post: To scratch an itch. To give y'all a look into the …
    20,686 words
  7. joshua stein, , more info

    Video: C Programming on System 6 - Carl Update, Test Suite, Malloc Tracing
    I've been working on Carl, my IMAP e-mail client, for the past few months. Your browser doesn't seem to support HTML video. You can download the video in H.264/AAC format instead. I need to work on not saying "like" so much. Video notes: Remaining PowerBook 1xx Batteries Subtext 4 Kludge BBS on Mastodon IMAP4rev2 rev2 RFC Encoded-word RFC MicroBug and SM 0 A9F4 and G 0 MacsBug My stack walking …
    148 words
  8. Jabal al-Lughat, , more info

    Loanwords examined via Pozdniakov's Proto-Fula-Sereer
    I recently finished Pozdniakov's Proto-Fula-Sereer, freely available through Language Science Press. This is obviously a very welcome and valuable contribution to West African historical linguistics, an area where much remains to be done. I have little experience of Atlantic languages as such, and therefore not much useful to say about most of the book (though it made me want to also read Merrill's work, with which much of it is …
    By Lameen Souag الأمين سواق, 1,234 words
  9. Black Phoebe, , more info

    2023 – October New Moon
    Tues 02.20.24 – I am still working through my 2023 photos in Lightroom, adding meta data, processing, etc. Here is a photo of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains as I drove north on the US-395 on Oct 17, 2023 just north of Lone Pine,...
    By Ms. Jen, 49 words
  10. Postbureaucrat - Home, , more info

    Mavericks & the Tutti Frutti client
    David C. Baker is a no-fluff specialist in how to run and grow marketing agencies, and I’ve been enjoying his newsletter and books over the last couple of years. Today’s instalment – Working With A Maverick – struck a chord with me: [A maverick] is someone who operates on the inside of the corporate (or […]
    By lesteph, 62 words
  11. Iain Sinclair, , more info

    Journeyman – The Art of Steve Dilworth
    A special event celebrating the Hebridean-based sculptor Steve Dilworth, coinciding with his solo exhibition at Pangolin London, with contributions from his biographer, Georgina Coburn, and a screening of portrait film... The post Journeyman – The Art of Steve Dilworth first appeared on Iain Sinclair.
    51 words
  12., , more info

    Vermont Chapter Councilor Report – LibLearnX 2023
    This is not my usual ALA report because the Council meetings at LibLearnX were brief and I was occupied with some legislation I’d been working on. Here are some important notes for those who are interested in ALA topics. 1. American Library Association Updates Core Values This was a 2.5 year process culminating in massaging the existing lengthy list of core values into five: access, equity, intellectual freedom and privacy, …
    By jessamyn, 718 words
  13. Between Sound and Space: ECM Records and Beyond, , more info

    Mediavolo: Away Within
    Mediavolo is a band like no other. Based in Brest, France, they offer insight into the human condition with honest and patient attention. Back in 2014, I interviewed core members Géraldine Le Cocq and Jacques Henry, adding my own throughts on their discography as it then stood. Away Within is their first full-length release since that time, and I was recently honored to write the liner notes for it. The …
    By Tyran Grillo, 87 words
  14. I Hit The Button - Travel Blog, , more info

    What is EXIF Data? The Complete Guide
    As photographers, our journey is not just about capturing moments but understanding the gear behind each photo. In this post we’ll dive into the EXIF data, a feature ingrained in digital photography that often goes unnoticed yet holds a wealth of information. This comprehensive guide will explore what EXIF data is, its significance, and how you can use it to enhance your photographic expertise. Let’s dive in. Table of contentsWhat …
    By Andy Feliciotti, 1,035 words
  15. axel powrie, , more info

    Sun Yizhou & Axel Powrie — fruityspace, Beijing 2023-12-23。
    Your browser does not support the audio element. Recording from a performance at Fruityspace venue in Beijing. Sun Yizhou: hard drives, mechanical devices. Axel Powrie: bass guitar, amplifier, ground loop. mixed and mastered by Sun Yizhou
    45 words