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  1. Exhibition Layouts - Modeling Hints - Large Scale and Other Reviews
    What I Have Learned modeling the Oahu Sugar Company in Fn3 (1:20.3) in a diorama style layout using Llagas Creek Track. More info

    Visit - Lighting
    This is O gaugeInteresting use of blue lighting at feet level
    14 words
  2. Bits of DNA
    Reviews and commentary on computational biology by Lior Pachter. 🇺🇸 More info

    A note on “How the Gaza Ministry of Health Fakes Casualty Numbers”
    In a Tablet Magazine article titled “How the Gaza Ministry of Health Fakes Casualty Numbers” posted on March 6, 2024, Professor of Statistics and Data Science Abraham Wyner from the Wharton School at the University …
    By Lior Pachter, 347 words
  3. Oh Good Ale
    Phil's beer blog. 🇬🇧 More info

    Every little helps
    I’ve just drunk – in fact, I’ve just made a small detour in order to drink – a pint of Burning Sky Plateau. Burning Sky is a brewery I’ve got a lot of time for. …
    By Phil, 492 words
  4. Tanya Khovanova's Math Blog
    Mathematics, applications of mathematics to life in general, and my life as a mathematician. More info

    Find the Side
    Another cute geometry puzzle was posted on Facebook. Puzzle. An equilateral triangle in a plane has three vertices with known x-coordinates: a, b, and c. What is the side of the triangle? I want to …
    By tanyakh, 441 words
  5. Shouting Into The Void
    Fitz's Roleplaying, Wargaming and Modeling-related blather. By Peter Fitz. 🇳🇿 More info

    Many, many years ago, about the turn of the century, I dismantled a couple of RPG sourcebooks because I thought it would be a good idea to put them in a 3-ring binder. Sheer madness.Anyway, …
    By Peter Fitz, 148 words
  6. Marius Masalar
    I write about seeking healthier, more thoughtful relationships with technology. 🇨🇦 More info

    How I use Obsidian at work
    I use Obsidian the same way I use most productivity apps: simply. My email and my personal notes app have no folders. There are no tags in my task management system. If I’m not actively …
    1,606 words
  7. Supper Mario Broth
    A Super Mario variety blog. Screenshots, photos, sprites, gifs, scans and more from all around the world of Super Mario Bros. More info

    Bizarre unused robotic fish found in the files of Mario Party 7. The game contains an unused…
    Bizarre unused robotic fish found in the files of Mario Party 7. The game contains an unused minigame where the player controls a robotic Cheep Cheep, for which this fish was likely intended as an …
    93 words
  8. Weird Fucking Games
    Just a blog about weird fucking games. 🇺🇸 More info

    THREE VERSES by wayne, desktop_trash, sphere Solve puzzles and do battle to find the mysterious Three Verses in this adventure/RPG/puzzle game. Presented in a distinctly 90s way, it reminds me a lot of the earlier …
    By wfg, 61 words
  9. Nancy's Baby Names – Blog
    More info

    How did the movie “Ladyhawke” influence baby names?
    Navarre and Isabeau from “Ladyhawke“ The main character in the medieval fantasy film Ladyhawke (1985) is a young, talkative thief played by Matthew Broderick. But at the heart of the film is a cursed romance …
    By Nancy Man, 314 words
  10. Canadian Climate Institute - Blog
    Various topics related to climate change and climate policy. 🇨🇦 More info

    Time to stop building infrastructure for yesterday’s climate
    Canada’s infrastructure isn’t prepared for the climate crisis impacts, but there are things we can do to get ready for future events. The post Time to stop building infrastructure for yesterday’s climate appeared first on …
    By Aiman Ghori, 46 words
  11. Perambulatory Ramblings
    The Psychogeographic meanderings of Mr H in London, Cambridge and elsewhere. 🇬🇧 More info

    Elizabeth Way Roundabout: Brutality on the Eastern Gate
    At the fag end of 2023 the current Housing Secretary, Michael Gove, announced the formation of a new Development Corporation to oversee the expansion of Cambridge and the building of 'northwards' of 150,000 homes. This …
    By Mr H, 5,313 words
  12. Guy Moorhouse — Blog
    The portfolio of independent designer, Guy Moorhouse. 🇬🇧 More info

    Software choices are values
    One of my recent fave things to do, is screenshot a website, drop it into ChatGPT and ask for a design crit. It's actually surprisingly insightful.
    30 words
    A music site dedicated to new and obscure sounds. By Krister Bladh, Jacob Olson. 🇦🇺 🇸🇪 More info

    Assassin is one of several aliases used by Scottish producer Erin Hopes. But a few days ago her first album as Assassin came out on the London label Wain, which was started in 2020. Immaculate …
    By recordturnover, 91 words
  14. Political⚡Charge
    Activating America's Voters. By Tokyo Sand. 🇺🇸 More info

    Weekly Recap 3/7: Third Parties Struggle
    Getting one of the 3rd party presidential efforts out of the way felt really good to me this week. Plus, now that the media has moved on from the primaries and turned to the general …
    By TokyoSand, 561 words
  15. Miss Pearl
    Non-professional perspective femdom & kink, with awesome erotica. 🇨🇦 More info

    “Just do whatever the dominant wants” is a bad way to (exclusively) define femdom
    (Brace yourself, I am being very verbose.) I think, as a community, we haven’t fully grappled with the fact that the roles of dominant and submissive are not always perfect puzzle pieces/mirrors of each other. …
    By Miss Pearl, 72 words