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  1. Warming Up |, , more info

    Thursday 22nd February 2024
  2. Images of Old Hawaiʻi, , more info

    Polar Bears and Reindeer
    Within ten years after Captain Cook’s 1778 contact with Hawai‘i, the islands became a favorite port of call in the trade with China. The fur traders and merchant ships crossing the Pacific needed to replenish food supplies and water. The maritime fur trade focused on acquiring furs of sea otters, seals and other animals from the Pacific Northwest Coast and Alaska. The furs were mostly sold in China in exchange …
    By Peter T Young, 922 words
  3. Trinketization, , more info

    Rebooting Tourism in Vietnam : The Ho Tram Strip
    Asian Perspective, vol. 48, no. 1 2024 I have, for personal use only, a pdf copy of this article, which appears in Asian Perspective, vol. 48, no. 1 (Winter 2024). Email me if you want to see – I am preparing a post with the typescript, but the original can be hooked by those with a MUSE account. Here – – Project Muse access is free if your …
    By john hutnyk, 91 words
  4. Centauri Dreams, , more info

    Solar Gravity Lens Mission: Refinements and Clarifications
    Having just discussed whether humans – as opposed to their machines – will one day make interstellar journeys, it’s a good time to ask where we could get today with near-term technologies. In other words, assuming reasonable progress in the next few decades, what would be the most likely outcome of a sustained effort to push our instruments into deep space? My assumption is that fusion engines will one day …
    1,910 words
  5. Universe Today, , more info

    Finally! Blue Origin’s New Glenn Goes Vertical on the Launch Pad
    If you think about space travel and the means of escaping the confines of the Earth then most people, currently, are likely to think about the new Artemis project and the Space Launch System. That’s not the only new development though, Blue Origin have been working on their New Glenn rocket and finally we have got a glimpse of their new offering. The rocket was finally rolled onto the launch …
    By Mark Thompson, 571 words
  6. Huck, , more info

    The elusive street artist taking on the world
    From notes left on 4x4 owners’ windscreens questioning their penis size to hacking London Underground adverts Foka Wolf is on a mission to make you think. Subversive street artist Foka Wolf has an air of mystery about him. He’s never photographed and doesn’t like to give away too much for obvious reasons. He’s based somewhere in the UK’s Midlands area and has been using text installations and interruptions to highlight …
    By Ben Smoke, 1,169 words
  7. Hackaday, , more info

    ESP32 Oscilloscope Skips Screen for the Browser
    An oscilloscope can be an expensive piece of equipment, but not every measurement needs four channels and gigahertz sampling rates. For plenty of home labs, old oscilloscopes with CRTs can be found on the used marketplace for a song that are still more than capable of getting the job done, but even these can be overpowered (not to mention extremely bulky). If you’re looking for something even cheaper, and quite …
    By Bryan Cockfield, 288 words
  8. ianVisits, , more info

    Charles Darwin’s unread copy of Marx’s Das Kapital restored for display
    It’s June 1873, and Karl Marx has decided to send a copy of his magnum opus, Das Kapital, to Charles Darwin, and 150 years later, that unread copy is going back on display at Charles Darwin’s home. However, it seems that Darwin wasn’t that impressed with Marx, and not only did it take several months to send an uncharacteristically short thank-you message, but it’s likely that he stopped reading the …
    By ianVisits, 927 words
  9., , more info

    SpaceX Talks to FAA About At Least Nine Starship Launches in 2024
    launch-licensing process. “They’re looking at a pretty aggressive launch schedule this year,” he said. “They’re looking at, I believe, at least nine launches this year. That’s a lot of launches. If you’re doing modifications and doing them one by one, that’s a lot of work. We’ve been talking to SpaceX constantly around the clock, coming ... Read more
    By Brian Wang, 70 words
  10. LouReviews, , more info

    Preview: The Girl in the Green Jumper (Playground Theatre) pt 2
    Following yesterday’s interview with Renske Mann about The Girl in the Green Jumper, the play based on her memoir, we now turn to playwright Gail Louw, who tells us more about how she formed a play from the book. The Girl in the Green Jumper forms part of a larger season of Louw’s work from... The post Preview: The Girl in the Green Jumper (Playground Theatre) pt 2 appeared first …
    By Louise Penn, 83 words
  11. ALF Archives, , more info

    ALF Magazine (The Premiere Issue)
    ALF Magazine was a quarterly magazine published Welsh Publishing Group. There were four issues published in 1989 and four issues published in 1990. In this post, I will give a quick write up on what was in the first issue and where you can view it online. Within these issues you would find ALF posters, multiple activity pages and letters from fans. In the premiere issue, the table of contents …
    By A, 343 words
  12. Verfassungsblog – On Matters Constitutional, , more info

    A2D for Researchers in Digital Platforms
    Bridging the Transatlantic Divide Over the past decade, access to data (A2D) in digital platforms has emerged as a significant challenge within the research community. Researchers seeking to explore data hosted on these platforms encounter growing obstacles. Public policy concerning such access must navigate through conflicting interests involving various stakeholders, including platforms, its users, competitors, the scientific community, and the public at large. While legal policies in the US have …
    By Niva Elkin-Koren, 2,196 words
  13. Guitar Pedal X - News, , more info

    SolidGoldFX releases a brand new take on VibraPhase - the Aurras 2-Stage Optical Phase-Shifter
    Interestingly this is SolidGoldFX’s second take on a 2-Stage VibraPhase pedal - where it originally had the Athena VibraPhase out back in 2019 - which seems to have been discontinued for a while now. I’m not sure how much overlap there is between the two - while the new Aurras seems to be more of a carte blanche re-development than a straight-up evolution or iteration. The text for the Athena …
    By Stefan Karlsson, 474 words
  14. Small Scale World, , more info

    D is for Driving Test
    Not sure how a couple of these images will show, but you'll get the gist if you're not already familiar with the set, which I thought we'd looked at here at Small Scale World, but we haven't, or I can't find it, it may have been in One Inch Warrior magazine, and it may not have been my penmanship or photography on that occasion, while today Jon Atwood has helped …
    By Hugh Walter, 81 words
  15. Geotripper, , more info

    Echoes of a Watery Paradise in a Forsaken Hellscape - The Brief Return of Death Valley's Lake Manly
    Imagine a lake that's six miles across flanked by dramatic mountain peaks reaching heights greater than 10,000 feet. We're in California, so it's got to be Lake Tahoe, right? But it's not. It is the lowest and driest place in North America, and the hottest place in the world. It's Death Valley. And big lakes are not a normal part of the scenery here. Badwater Basin is normally a dry …
    By Garry Hayes, 1,154 words