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  1. Art of Memory | Blog, , more info

    Musical notes decode
    Hi! I’m new to musical stuff and want help in decoding the following image. I’m having difficulty while doing this. Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated. 6 posts - 3 participants Read full topic
    By Jabran147, 39 words
  2. 70s Sci-Fi Art, , more info

    Uncredited cover art for a German edition of Thorne Smith’s Topper, c. 1980s.
    ALTUncredited cover art for a German edition of Thorne Smith’s Topper, c. 1980s.
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  3. Stephen Bodio, , more info

    Pink-Headed Duck
    This is one of the very few photographs that were taken of the Pink-Headed Duck. The above photo was taken by David Seth-Smith in 1926. This bird is not officially declared extinct but instead it is listed as critically endangered. The last time anyone saw a Pink-Headed Duck in the wild was in 1949 in its native habitat of India but they used to live in India, Myanmar and Bangladesh. …
    By Sea Run, 151 words
  4. Palestine Chronicle LIVE BLOG, , more info

    GAZA LIVE BLOG: Cuba Joins South Africa in ICJ Case | US to Support Israel against Hezbollah | New Tent Massacre in Rafah – Day 260
    By Palestine Chronicle Staff The Cuban Foreign Ministry announced that Havana will join South Africa in its case against Israel before the International Court of Justice. CNN cited US officials as saying that the Biden Administration is ready to support Israel in case of an all-out war with the Lebanese movement Hezbollah. Scores of Palestinians were killed and wounded as Israeli forces bombed a displacement camp in Rafah, in an …
    326 words
  5. Astronomy Picture of the Day, , more info

    Hubble's NGC 1546
    Hubble's NGC 1546
    6 words
  6. Mystery*File, , more info

    Reviewed by Tony Baer: ELISABETH SANXAY HOLDING – The Blank Wall.
    Reviewed by TONY BAER: ELISABETH SANXAY HOLDING – The Blank Wall. Simon & Schuster, hardcover, 1947. Pocket #662, paperback, 1950. Ace Double G412. paperback, ca.1965, published back-to-back with The Girl Who Had to Die. Included in Women Crime Writers: Four Suspense Novels of the 1940s (Library of America #268. hardcover, 2015. Mom is trying to hold the fort together while Dad is overseas, fighting the big war. Beautiful daughter is …
    By Steve, 189 words
  7. Maurits Diephuis, , more info

    Hua Lamphong
    Hua Lamphong
    4 words
  8. Edward Feser, , more info

    Immortal Souls in eBook format
    The paperback version of my new book Immortal Souls: A Treatise on Human Nature sold out on Amazon within a day of being listed there. No word on when it will be back in stock, but I imagine it will be soon. Meanwhile, the eBook version is available through Barnes and Noble. You can also order either version through the publisher’s website or through Amazon’s websites in the U.K. and …
    By Edward Feser, 76 words
  9. Hackaday, , more info

    Vintage Hacks for Dot Matrix Printers in China
    In an excerpt from his book The Chinese Computer: A Global History of the Information Age, [Thomas Mullaney] explains how 1980s computer tech — at least the stuff that was developed in the West — was stubbornly rooted in the Latin alphabet. After all, ASCII was king, and with 60,000 symbols, Chinese was decidedly difficult to shoehorn into 8 bits. Unicode was years in the future so, of course, ingenious …
    By Al Williams, 280 words
  10. Greg Alder's Yard Posts, , more info

    Fruit tree pest management ideas worth trying
    Last night I spoke with the Orange County chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers about dealing with pests of fruit trees, and they contributed so many ideas worth trying that I have to share a few. Squirrels Someone showed me a method that her husband developed to keep squirrels from chewing on their avocados. […] The post Fruit tree pest management ideas worth trying appeared first on Greg Alder's …
    By Greg Alder, 83 words
  11. Marginal REVOLUTION, , more info

    Alice Evans on Nordic gender egalitarianism
    So what’s the connection between hierarchy and patriarchy? It is my contention that if everyone is equal, it is much more acceptable for women to get to the top. No one is special. ‘Leaders’ are not due unique perks, privileges or power. Queuing by the roadside, they board the bus like commoners. Since everyone is respected, it is much more permissible for (low status) women to become politicians, clerics and …
    By Tyler Cowen, 264 words
  12. John Clare Weblog, , more info

    Scattered clouds
    The scattered clouds lie calm and still & day throws gold on every hill Their thousand heads in glory run As each were worlds and owned a sun The rime it clings to everything It beards the early buds of spring The mossy pales, the orchard spray Are feathered with its silver-greyFollow me for daily #JohnClare postings. #photography #poetry #environment
    53 words
  13. Tabletop Fix, , more info

    Knight Models - New Releases
    The Night's Watch and White Walkers warbands are now available from Knight Models:Link: Knight Models
    By Tabletop Fix, 20 words
  14. Put This On, , more info

    EBay Roundup
    Put This On is a member of eBay’s Partner Network, which means all of our eBay links are affiliate links. When you click one of our eBay links and purchase something, we earn a small commission from the sale. Our use of eBay affiliate links doesn’t affect our editorial decisions (although we do encourage people to shop secondhand, regardless of whether you shop through our site or somewhere else). The …
    By Derek Guy, 433 words
  15. The Death Chamber, , more info

    Perilous - Christian Extinction (EP) [2018]
    Artist: Perilous Album: Christian Extinction Year: 2018 Genre: Death Metal Web: / Country: United States Quality: 320 Kbps Tracklist: 1. Storm Born 2. The Raven Returns 3. Ironside 4. Charging Horses 5. Christian Extinction 6. Darkest of Light Witness: -[*]-
    39 words