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Oh Good Ale

Phil's beer blog.

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Every little helps
I’ve just drunk – in fact, I’ve just made a small detour in order to drink – a pint of Burning Sky Plateau. Burning Sky is a brewery I’ve got a lot of time for. …
On , by Phil, 492 words
Do you have a favourite bar…
Do you have a favourite bar… …where you can play pool with strangers Maybe wear some lipstick and not be in danger Of getting beat up in the men’s room Feeling safe is important in …
On , by Phil, 1,560 words
Winter, warmer (3)
This is the third of three posts about this year’s Winter Warmer Wander, CAMRA’s annual celebration of strong ‘winter’ beers. This one covers two trips – one to Cheadle and Cheadle Hulme, the other to …
On , by Phil, 1,888 words