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Category RSS feeds now notify you of new sub-categories

A while back we added an RSS feed for every category. These will now notify you about new sub-categories, as well as new blogs, within the category.

An example…

Let’s imagine you follow the RSS feed for the Drink category. The feed updates whenever a new blog is added to Drink, but not when a blog is added to any sub-categories, which currently are only Beer and Coffee.

This is fine: you love wine so you’re mainly following the Drink category for any new wine blogs.

But if we added a new Wine sub-category within Drink, and started adding wine blogs to it, you would never know.

But now, you’ll get an item in your Drink category feed that reads:

🎉 New sub-category: Wine

This sub-category was added within Drink.

So you can follow the link to view the Wine sub-category and, if you want, subscribe to its own RSS feed.

Only immediate sub-categories are included. If we added Lager and Ale sub-categories within Beer then you, as a follower of Drink, wouldn’t be notified. Only followers of the Beer feed would.

Hopefully that makes sense and will help keep you up-to-date with the latest in your favourite blogging topics.