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OPML and RSS feeds for categories

If there are specific topics you’re interested in, this is a good update for you. You can now download OPML files of all the blogs currently in each category, and follow RSS feeds of the blogs added to individual categories.

Every category in the directory, like Futures or Death and graves, has a “Feeds of blogs in this category” block, containing links to each of the new feeds.

You can download the OPML file and import it into your favourite feed reader (most readers support this) and you’ll be subscribed to all of that category’s blogs in your reader.

You can also subscribe to a category’s RSS feed in your feed reader and you’ll be updated whenever a new blog is added to it. This might not happen for ages, but now you’ll know when it does.

If you have any thoughts, or find problems, drop me a line on Mastodon, or by email, or the increasingly ignorable Twitter.