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Blogs about Beer

11 blogs about Beer.

  1. Beer Compurgation
    By Mark Johnson. 🇬🇧 More info

    "They Had Their Issues, So..."
    There’s a set of garages to rent as storage units near my workplace. One of them is taken by a local florist that uses it to store flower arrangements for various events, that are more …
    By Mark Johnson, 1,267 words
  2. Beer Insider
    Taking a look behind the obvious. By Glynn Davis. 🇬🇧 More info

    Book Review: ‘Good Honest Tales – 150 years of Batemans Brewery’
    Many years ago when my family took me on day trips to Skegness we would sometimes briefly stop on the return journey at a pub that I can recall had Batmans written on its sign. …
    By Glynn Davis, 66 words
  3. The Beer Nut
    Why is that man photographing his pint? 🇮🇪 More info

    Early hop shoots
    As we head into the third month of 2024 we see a resurgence of new beers from Ireland's breweries. Today I'm looking at an assortment from the hoppy side of the house.We'll start without the …
    By The Beer Nut, 1,471 words
  4. Belgian Smaak
    An award-winning website and podcast about Belgian beer, Belgian culture, and Belgian beer culture. By Breandán Kearney. 🇧🇪 More info

    This Is Senne’s Valley — On Gueuze Blendery Het Boerenerf of Huizingen, Belgium
    Through blendery Het Boerenerf, Senne Eylenbosch saved his farm, discovered his identity, and continued his family’s storied Lambic heritage. The post This Is Senne’s Valley — On Gueuze Blendery Het Boerenerf of Huizingen, Belgium appeared …
    By Breandán Kearney, 52 words
  5. Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog
    UK beer blog running since 2007, with tasting notes, beer history, pub reports and commentary on British booze culture. By Jessica Boak, Ray Bailey. 🇬🇧 More info

    News, nuggets and longreads 2 March 2024: Because of the Cats
    Here’s our pick of the best reading about beer and pubs from the past week including old breweries, writer’s pubs, and at least one machine gun. First, a couple of bits of news that grabbed …
    By Boak & Bailey, 1,251 words
  6. Brewing In A Bedsitter
    Adventures in small batch homebrew. By DaveS. 🇬🇧 More info

    Terroir - putting the locally sourced boot in
    All beer geeks like to occasionally have something that reminds us of when we were first getting into craft beer, so I enjoyed seeing some proper Beer Discourse triggered by a Matt Curtis article yesterday. …
    By DaveS, 581 words
  7. A Good Beer Blog – Second Gen (2003-2016, 2016- )
    Allegedly the second oldest beer blog on the planet. By Alan McLeod. 🇨🇦 More info

    For The Twenty-First Year Running I Note… It’s MARCH!!!
    Continuing a tradition since 2004… it is in fact March!
    By Alan, 19 words
  8. Paul's Beer & Travel Blog
    A blog about beer, travel and the enjoyment of them both. By Paul Bailey. 🇬🇧 More info

    There's an old mill by the stream
    Friday was the first day of March and also the first day of spring, but the weather was anything but spring like with heavy torrential rain, driven by a strong and very biting north westerly …
    By Paul Bailey, 1,044 words
  9. Tandleman's Beer Blog
    Tandleman's Random and Particular Thoughts on Beer. 🇬🇧 More info

    Let's Pay More for Cask?
    Now we all know that the way to save cask beer from its inevitable demise is to charge more for it, don't we? Well no. Of course not. Well, not in the general sense anyway, …
    913 words
  10. Will Hawkes — Blog
    Beer, food and travel journalist. 🇬🇧 More info

    Does European beer have an American flavour?
    It’s the 28th of February, 1950, and Jean Llante, Resistance hero turned Communist politician, rises to address France’s National Assembly: “Monsieur le ministre, they are selling a drink on the boulevards of Paris called Coca-Cola …
    By Will Hawkes, 1,179 words
  11. Zythophile
    'Zee-tho-fyle', by Martyn Cornell, an award-winning blog about beer now and then, founded in 2007. 🇬🇧 More info

    How much beer did a 19th century farmer-brewer brew?
    A fascinating pair of pieces of ephemera, these, because they tells us something about brewing and beer consumption in large households and by farmers, and give a clue as to why farmers who brewed sometimes …
    By Martyn Cornell, 1,415 words