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  1. The Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai
    “Traveling the Bay Area and beyond to find the best Mai Tai in the world! Tiki, cocktails, and adventures by Kevin Crossman.” 🇺🇸

    Star Trek Trivia at The Kon-Tiki Room
    The Kon-Tiki Room at Palmetto has been developing its own identity as a tiki bar with a pop culture orientation, thanks in part to its locale across the street from the Fox Theater concert venue. …
    By Kevin Crossman, 336 words

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  2. The Zozzled Cocktail
    “A drinker's guide to historic cocktailing.”

    The venerable Mojito. We’ve all had one. Most are horrible; made with cheap ingredients and less than thoughtful preparation. It’s a deceptively simple concoction and thus, like the Martini, requires quality ingredients and a bit …
    By Robert H., 243 words

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