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Free Warhammer painting tutorials, hobby reviews, and miniature showcases on Tale of Painters, the unofficial Warhammer hobby magazine.

  • By Stahly, Garfy
  • Based in Germany and United Kingdom
  • Roughly two posts per week
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Posts per month

Data for this chart is available in the table below
Posts per month
Month starting Posts
Nov 2022 4
Dec 2022 11
Jan 2023 12
Feb 2023 11
Mar 2023 13
Apr 2023 11
May 2023 12
Jun 2023 12
Jul 2023 13
Aug 2023 10
Sep 2023 12
Oct 2023 11
Nov 2023 10
Dec 2023 1

Any gaps could be due to errors when fetching the blog’s feed.

Most recent posts

Review: Flesh-eater Courts Army Set
Introducing the latest addition to the Era of the Beast - the Flesh-eater Courts army set. Packed with a formidable Abhorrant Gorewarden, a revered Varghulf Courtier, a loyal unit of 20 Cryptguard, and three gallant …
On , by Stahly, 82 words
Showcase: Tyranids Hive Fleet Kraken Hormagaunts
In the relentless dance of cosmic predation, Hormagaunts emerge as the embodiment of unyielding terror. In this showcase, I bring forth four meticulously painted Hive Fleet Kraken Hormagaunts, the dynamic poses capturing the chitinous horrors …
On , by Stahly, 62 words
Showcase: Legions Imperialis Iron Warriors (inc. painting guides)
On today's blog post I share my tiny tanks and troops. The new Legions Imperialis box set features Legiones Astartes (Space Marines) and Solar Auxilia (Imperial Guard equivalent). This game is set during the Horus …
On , by Garfy, 113 words