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Blogs about War games

4 blogs about War games.

  1. Chicago Skirmish Wargames
    “Visually beautiful gaming in a casual environment.” 🇺🇸

    Space Weirdos: Review and Number Crunching
    Following our first gamed of Space Wierdos, Reviewer Extraordinaire Mattias returns to give us an in depth review of the game. THINGS THAT MAKE SPACE WEIRDOS ACTUALLY QUITE GOOD: As I think I mentioned before …
    By Karl Paulsen, 2,082 words

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  2. Joseph A. McCullough
    “Writer & Games Designer.” 🇬🇧

    Tenebrous Citadel available in print on demand!
    For those who have been awaiting Rangers of Shadow Deep: Tenebrous Citadel in print, today is the day! You can order it now from DriveThruRPG!
    By Joseph A McCullough, 34 words

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  3. Tale of Painters » Classic Blog
    “Free Warhammer painting tutorials, hobby reviews, and miniature showcases on Tale of Painters, the unofficial Warhammer hobby magazine.” By Stahly, Garfy. 🇩🇪 🇬🇧

    Review: The Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 – finally fixed?
    Speedpaints are loved by some for their unique blending properties. Others hate that the paints reactivate and bleed through subsequent layers of paint. The Army Painter were faced with the difficult task of satisfying both …
    By Stahly, 114 words

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  4. Worlds in Miniature
    “A hobby photo blog.” By Chris M. 🇬🇧

    Army Painter Spray Primers
    I’ve just used my first can of Army Painter spray primer since they relaunched them last year, and it was so much of an improvement over my previous experiences with the brand that I might …
    By Chris M., 245 words

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