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Numbered Works — Notes

Making adventures, games, art, toys, music, objects.

  • Based in Australia
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2022 20
2023 5
2024 0

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Dungeon23 03
The Hex Garden Encounters Three inductees in vivid butterfly robes, gardening. Brilliant, giant butterfly, fluttering above the chapel. Hex Priest. Two furred, swift, small humanoids, stealing figs. Giant caterpillar, feeding on the nearest green leaf. …
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Dungeon23 02
The Butterfly House Antechamber Front door is broken. Door to main room is locked, key kept by the Butterfly Warden. A sparkling, ceremonial saddle of leather, gold, and gems is visible resting atop a high …
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2023-01-03 10:54
Some quick notes on our #Dungeon23 process/tools: Working digitally. We love notebooks too but we always have phones in our pockets. Writing in markdown into two text files. One is a dump for random ideas …
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