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Rascal News

A tabletop roleplaying game and culture outlet.

  • By Lin Codega, Rowan Zeoli, Chase Carter
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Posts per week
Week starting Posts
April 1, 2024 16
April 8, 2024 23
April 15, 2024 21
April 22, 2024 21
April 29, 2024 16
May 6, 2024 23
May 13, 2024 25
May 20, 2024 22

Any gaps could be due to errors when fetching the blog’s feed.

Most recent posts

Organization is its own kind of game
Even before I started planning out the Blades in the Dark game I would be playing with my fellow rascals, I set up a Notion. For those of you uninitiated, a Notion is a database …
On , by Lin Codega, 221 words
Killing a god and finding a friend at the end of the world
BlackwaterDND’s Godkiller: Oblivion is an intimate audio actual play about two Godkillers who find themselves at the center of an apocalyptic prophecy. Facilitated and edited by Em Carlson, Oblivion uses Connie Chang’s duet game Godkiller …
On , by Rowan Zeoli, 423 words
Unleash the Magic of Iskandar: Scintillating Fantasy Adventures
This is a community submitted press release. A collection of epic quests for the world's favorite roleplaying game, now paired with an exclusive deck of urban encounters.Embark on a journey like no other in Iskandar …
On , by M.T. Black, 400 words