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Rare Historical Photos

And the story behind them...

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Oct 2022 5
Nov 2022 13
Dec 2022 12
Jan 2023 24
Feb 2023 18
Mar 2023 21
Apr 2023 15
May 2023 18
Jun 2023 15
Jul 2023 15
Aug 2023 27
Sep 2023 20
Oct 2023 20
Nov 2023 13
Dec 2023 7
Jan 2024 13
Feb 2024 7
Mar 2024 9
Apr 2024 8

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Schlupfkapp: Vintage Photos of Alsace’s Iconic Traditional Headdress
Nestled in northeastern France, Alsace is a region steeped in a rich and complex history, often serving as a cultural crossroads between France and Germany. This unique position is reflected in its hearty cuisine, charming …
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Men’s Hairstyles of the 19th Century: A Look Through Vintage Photos
The early 19th century was marked by the aftermath of the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte. This period saw a departure from the elaborate styles of the late 18th century, with men …
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Intriguing Vintage Spy Cameras: Covert Wonders of Espionage’s Golden Age
This unique photo collection features a stunning array of vintage cameras, some of which were ingeniously concealed in everyday objects. From a camera hidden in a matchbox to one camouflaged as a pocket watch for …
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