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St. John's Wort

Beery Musings And Amusing Beers.

  • By Jordan St. John
  • Based in Canada
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The Second Wedge Životní Czech Style Lager
It seems odd to write about a beer that’s almost gone. Usually when I write about a collaboration beer, I do it a couple of weeks before it comes out because the brewing process is …
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Fun With Numbers: Federal Alcohol Excise in 2024-2025
It comes as a small, pleasant surprise that I get to talk about excise taxes for the alcohol industry in a vaguely positive way for once, given the announcement today that a couple of changes …
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So You Want To Be A Teacher – Regression
I got out over my skis a little. Part of my plan for the year, just at home, is to read more. I’m aiming for a couple of books a month and so far I’m …
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