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Eurorack kits, cases, and more ways to mod your Korg NTS-1 hardware
It's not just the firmware you can mod on Korg's ultra-low-priced NTS-1 effect/oscillator. You can also mod the hardware. Here are two Eurorack conversion kits, other custom cases, plus Korg's own resources for your own …
On , by Peter Kirn, 70 words
CDM Deals: Independence Day edition
Another holiday in the USA means another day of deals on music tech. Here are a few of the best discounts for stuff we like. The post CDM Deals: Independence Day edition appeared first on …
On , by Peter Kirn, 44 words
Noise Engineering Univer Inter: USB and MIDI to CV in 6HP, configured however you want
Take 6HP of Eurorack space, add MIDI in and out, USB MIDI, and 8 outputs - then have those outs do whatever you want. It's Univer Inter, or "UI" for short - and crucially, it …
On , by Peter Kirn, 85 words