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  1. CDM Create Digital Music
    Create digital music, motion, and more. 🇩🇪 More info

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    Eurorack kits, cases, and more ways to mod your Korg NTS-1 hardware
    It's not just the firmware you can mod on Korg's ultra-low-priced NTS-1 effect/oscillator. You can also mod the hardware. Here are two Eurorack conversion kits, other custom cases, plus Korg's own resources for your own …
    By Peter Kirn, 70 words
  2. s c o t t e r i c p e t e r s e n - Writing
    By Scott Petersen. 🇺🇸 More info

    Multichannel Audio Devices and Linux (not a love story)
    Something has been bothering me for some time since moving to PipeWire on my Linux boxes, and that is the way multichannel audio devices are handled. As we all know (and loath), Linux audio is …
    By Scott Petersen, 106 words
    Music Tech News, Reviews, Events, Music. 🇦🇹 More info

    Dawesome Myth, new synthesizer takes you on an AI-supported resynthesis journey
    Dawesome Myth is a new Synthesizer plugin (macOS/Windows) with a modular-style engine that takes you on an AI-supported resynthesis journey. AI is the topic of all topics. Artificial intelligence is omnipresent, whether in consumer technology …
    By Synth Anatomy, 65 words
  4. Synthtopia
    Synthesizer and electronic music news, synth and music software reviews and more! More info

    Free Genesis Sound Library For The Korg Modwave
    This collection features 36 performances inspired by legendary instruments like the Mellotron, ARP Pro Soloist, Quadra, Korg Wavestation, and DX7.… Read More Free Genesis Sound Library For The Korg Modwave
    By synthhead, 38 words