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Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque

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Blood on the Beach
We left off the last session on a cliffhanger: the characters had fought their way to the beach so they could infiltrate a fortress in hopes of liberating the "goddess" Scylla, but they roused the …
On , by Jack Guignol, 1,122 words
Assuming you don't go blind staring at the eclipse, maybe you've got a second to check out BLACK SUNSHINE, the first supplement for PLANET MOTHERFUCKER. (Note: you'll need to have "show me adult content" checked …
On , by Jack Guignol, 210 words
Creedhall Overview
Creedhall is essentially the Gothic end of "dark academia" in Krevborna.CreedhallA University Town of Dark Experiments and Mad ScienceThe town of Creedhall is regarded as a shining beacon of enlightenment in the superstitious darkness that …
On , by Jack Guignol, 302 words