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The Pallets Projects

A collection of Python web development libraries that are associated with the Flask microframework.

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2024 0

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Most recent posts

Blinker 1.6 Released
Signalling allows for applications to be decoupled by allowing designated receivers to be informed when an action has taken place (the signal). Flask and Quart both utilise the excellent Blinker library to support signals and …
On , by P G Jones, 129 words
Quart is now a Pallets project
Quart, an ASGI re-implementation of the Flask API has joined the Pallets organization. This means that future development will be under the Pallets governance by the Pallets maintainers. Our long term aim is to merge …
On , by P G Jones, 396 words
Introducing the Pallets Community Organization (Pallets-Eco)
Flask and many of the other Pallets projects benefit from having a diverse ecosystem of user-maintained extensions. However, we recognize that not every extension creator can maintain an extension indefinitely. Last year, the Pallets team …
On , by Kara Babcock, 559 words