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Blogs about Python

12 blogs about Python.

  1. Andrea Grandi

    Ignoring hosts with python vcr when writing tests with pytest and generating cassettes
    How to ignore hosts with python vcr when writing tests with pytest and generating cassettes
    By Andrea Grandi, 28 words

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  2. Hynek’s Blog
    “Hynek Schlawack: Pythonista, Gopher, blogger, and speaker from Berlin/Germany.” 🇩🇪

    Why I Like Nox
    Ever since I got involved with open-source Python projects, tox has been vital for testing packages across Python versions (and other factors). However, lately, I’ve been increasingly using Nox for my projects instead. Since I’ve …
    By Hynek Schlawack, 48 words

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  3. Kurt McKee
    “lessons learned in production.”

    Enabling vigilant mode on GitHub
    I've been signing all of my git commits and tags on GitHub for over six months. Now that some time has passed, I've enabled vigilant mode. Moving forward, if you see a commit or tag …
    By Kurt McKee, 54 words

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  4. Mathspp Blog
    “A blog dedicated to mathematics and programming!” By Rodrigo Girão Serrão. 🇵🇹

    ChatGPT for quick prototyping
    Learn how to use ChatGPT to quickly test and prototype programs. &Creating quick prototypes ChatGPT is a large language model developed by OpenAI that has taken the world by storm. I have been playing around …
    150 words

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  5. The Pallets Projects
    “A collection of Python web development libraries that are associated with the Flask microframework.”

    Quart is now a Pallets project
    Quart, an ASGI re-implementation of the Flask API has joined the Pallets organization. This means that future development will be under the Pallets governance by the Pallets maintainers. Our long term aim is to merge …
    By P G Jones, 396 words

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  6. Python for Engineers NEW
    “Now Powered by Flux Capacitors! And with 100% more Electrolytes.” By Shantnu Tiwari. 🇬🇧

    ChatGPT and the AI Apocalypse
    Whenever people think of AI's going rogue, they think of a Terminator like scenario: the AI says F*ck it, don't need to humans no more. Let's kill them allCue inspirational music and our heroes fightin' …
    By Shantnu Tiwari, 1,633 words

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  7. Reinout van Rees' personal website
    “Personal website of Reinout van Rees. Django/Python software developer. Ligfietsen.” 🇳🇱

    Headaches migrating an old postgis database server
    Years ago, a database server was installed. Ubuntu 14.04 with postgres 9.3 and postgis 2.1, the standard stuff for 14.04. Over the years, some 450 databases were created by our consultants for various geo-water-related projects. …
    By Reinout van Rees, 1,139 words

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  8. Rock and Null
    “Tech, software and whatever comes to mind.”

    Android CI/CD part 1: Locally building and pushing to Play Store using Fastlane
    Automating the deployment of Android apps to Google Play, I believe is a must for teams with more than 1-2 people. Having the latest test version on your physical device, allows you to perform more …
    By Bevan Steele, 945 words

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  9. Simon Willison’s Weblog

    Quoting Google Bard
    Here are some absurdly expensive things you can do on a trip to Tokyo: Buy a golden toilet. There is a toilet in Tokyo that is made of gold and costs around 10 million yen. …
    63 words

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  10. Tall, Snarky Canadian
    “Python core developer. Dev manager for the Python extension for VS Code. Tall, snarky Canadian.” By Brett Cannon. 🇨🇦

    How virtual environments work
    After needing to do a deep dive on the venv module (which I will explain later in this blog post as to why), I thought I would explain how virtual environments work to help demystify …
    By Brett Cannon, 2,135 words

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  11. Weblog archive
    By James Bennett. 🇺🇸

    Boring Python: code quality
    This is the second in a series of posts I intend to write about how to build, deploy, and manage Python applications in as boring a way as possible. In the first post in the …
    By James Bennett, 83 words

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  12. Yasoob Khalid
    “The author of Intermediate Python and the Practical Python Projects books.” 🇺🇸

    How to Efficiently Reorder or Rerank Items in Database
    I was once thinking about Trello and Jira and wondered how they implemented the sorting functionality in their drag & drop interface. You can have a million items/cards and both of these platforms will allow …
    116 words

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