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it's her factory

philosophy, pop music, sound studies, feminism.

  • By Robin James
  • Based in United States of America
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What 90s alt rock radio, Woodstock 99, and the Telecom Act have to do with contemporary right-wing media
While I have your attention: now that writing is no longer something my day job pays me to do, I’ve decided to keep the newsletter free but set up a Kofi tip jar so that …
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Elaine Miller Scholar Session at SPEP 2022: some reflections on the relationship between her work and mine
I had the fortune of attending the Scholar Session for Elaine Miller at the 2022 SPEP (well, at least most of it–I had to duck out for a meeting before the discussion got going). Scholar …
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Good Vibes Only: from a biopolitics of normalized frequency to a biopolitics of legitimate spatial orientation
It’s SPEP (Society for Phenomenology & Existential Philosophy) week, and it’s my 20th (more or less) SPEP—I gave my first SPEP paper in 2002 at the meeting in Chicago. Below is the paper I’m going …
On , by Robin James, 56 words