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6 blogs about Sound.

  1. axel powrie
    axel powrie, sydney australia, experimental music, improvised music, noise music. 🇦🇺 More info

    Sun Yizhou & Axel Powrie — fruityspace, Beijing 2023-12-23。
    Your browser does not support the audio element. Recording from a performance at Fruityspace venue in Beijing. Sun Yizhou: hard drives, mechanical devices. Axel Powrie: bass guitar, amplifier, ground loop. mixed and mastered by Sun …
    45 words
  2. Disquiet
    Listening to culture. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. By Marc Weidenbaum. 🇺🇸 More info

    Current Status
    By Marc Weidenbaum, 2 words
  3. it's her factory
    philosophy, pop music, sound studies, feminism. By Robin James. 🇺🇸 More info

    The Its Her Factory 15th Anniversary Zine
    This blog is 15 years old in 2024. To celebrate, I’ve compiled a zine that includes some of this blog’s most popular and/or important posts alongside new commentary on each post and an introduction. It’s …
    By Robin James, 47 words
  4. Sounding Out!
    pushing sound studies into the red since 2009. By Jennifer Lynn Stoever, Liana M. Silva, Aaron Trammell. 🇺🇸 More info

    Echoes of the Latent Present: Listening to Lags, Delays, and Other Temporal Disjunctions
    Listen: Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time. –Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five On an almost visceral level, we may likewise remark that states of “latency” involve downward movement, as in the case of something falling …
    By Matthew Tomkinson, 3,289 words
    I'm a sound flâneur, composer, acoustic ecologist, seeker of resonance. Creator of Fleurieu & KI Sound Map. 🇦🇺 More info

    Sonic Recall #1: Soundcloud, c. 1985
    I’m closing out 2023 with the first installment of a project I hope to continue on a regular basis throughout 2024.
    By tristanlouthrobins, 27 words
  6. Wrangling in the Antipodes
    A sound artist, acoustic ecologist and composer. By Tristan Louth-Robins. 🇦🇺 More info

    Two new (relevant) videos
    Happy new year everyone! It’s been fairly quiet on here and there’s a second instalment on the AudioMoth deployment at Lady Bay Reef which is currently in the works. This has taken much longer than …
    By tristanlouthrobins, 128 words