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Light from Space

Thomas Fuchs' amateur astrophotography. Photos, tutorials and tidbits.

  • By Thomas Fuchs
  • Based in United States of America
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Most recent posts

The Rosette Nebula
Next to the Orion Nebula, the Rosette Nebula is definitely a must-do on the list of every aspiring astrophotographer. Located not too far from Orion in Monoceros, this large H II region has spectacular features, …
On , by Thomas Fuchs, 148 words
The Helping Hand of LDN 1355
LDN 1355 is a dark nebula in Cassiopeia, vaguely in the shape of an outstreched human hand—the dark dust obscuring the reflection nebula behind it.Total exposure time: 58h 50' (211,800s)Image resolution: 5,216 × 3,909px (1.924″/px)Shot …
On , by Thomas Fuchs, 104 words
The Soul of the Heart Nebula
A spectacular emission Nebula, the Heart Nebula is one of the classics of Northern Hemisphere amateury astronomy.In the gallery below, I've highlighted 3 very different areas of the image:Left: Planetary Nebula WeBo-1Middle: Melotte 15 in …
On , by Thomas Fuchs, 140 words