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  • By Stefan Karlsson
  • Based in United Kingdom
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Nov 2022 25
Dec 2022 20
Jan 2023 28
Feb 2023 26
Mar 2023 32
Apr 2023 35
May 2023 38
Jun 2023 37
Jul 2023 37
Aug 2023 21
Sep 2023 32
Oct 2023 44
Nov 2023 38
Dec 2023 16

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Most recent posts

Stone Deaf FX's first pedal in 3 years is the rather special Rise & Shine Octave Up Fuzz combined with Dynamic 'Octapulse' Tremolo Vibrato
So the new Rise & Shine is quite the departure for Stone Deaf FX - and based on an entirely new compact platform - 3 years in the making - with Multi-Mode switches and special …
On , by Stefan Karlsson, 336 words
2nd in the Reeves Electro DaughterBoard Series is the really cool Facet IZ take on a Silicon Fuzz Face with specially selected Transistors and added Tone Control
25 of these go up for sale in the usual fashion - tomorrow Saturday 9th December at 8pm GMT - so start your engines now! And make sure to add the Facet IZ Web Page …
On , by Stefan Karlsson, 257 words
ALABS Audio's NovaDrift Modulator Delivers 9 Classic High Quality Full Stereo Modulations with Enhanced Movement courtesy of Explore Mode Gesture Control and Expression Ramping
Here follows an in-depth look at the ALABS Audio Adam Adventures Series NovaDrift 9-Mode Modulator. A pretty decent mix of algorithms - Vibe (Uni-Vibe), Chorus, Multi-Chorus, Phaser, Filter, Rotary, Flanger, Tremolo and Ring. In my …
On , by Stefan Karlsson, 337 words