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  1. Electric Flapjack Guitars: Blog
    “We hand build custom electric guitars using a mix of traditional hand-crafted woodwork and cutting-edge digital fabrication techniques such as 3D printing and laser cutting, allowing us to create unique instruments.” By Michael Dales. 🇬🇧

    A Week in sources of inspiration
    The nature of building guitars means I tend to view them from an engineering perspective a lot of the time, somewhat removed from the emotive end result: making music. This week’s notes are going to …
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  2. Fret Science
    “Unlock the secrets of the guitar fretboard without a lot of memorization or repetitive practice.” By Keith Martin. 🇺🇸

    The modes explained clearly
    What are the major scale modes? How do they relate to the pentatonic scale? What on earth is “brightness ordering”? All this and more are explained herein! This is a remastered and expanded version (with …
    By Keith, 85 words

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  3. Guitar Pedal X - News
    By Stefan Karlsson. 🇬🇧

    Crazy Tube Circuits' new Motherload Dual Gain Machine Unleashes Classic Rat and Muff Circuits in the same enclosure - but where you can also combine each circuit's Tone Stacks to unique effect
    CTC’s Christos is a genius at finding unusual but smart combinations of functions and circuits. For me his 2 standout masterpieces to date are his Constellation Multi-Fuzz and Phi Golden Ratio Multi-Compressor. And I feel …
    By Stefan Karlsson, 350 words

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  4. Haze Guitars — Blog
    By Gerry Hayes. 🇮🇪

    Appointments: The final word
    Hi I have an update on the appointment booking system. Short version: I’m moving to a straightforward waiting list for appointments. Nobody likes waiting lists but this is the most fair system. My previous attempt …
    By Gerry Hayes, 310 words

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