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Carnivorous Plants - Botanical Photography -

Field reports about carnivorous plants and botanical oddities in their native habitats. Photos of wild specimines of Drosera, Pinguicula, and Darlingtonia.

  • By Forbes Conrad
  • Based in Mexico
  • Roughly one post per year
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Posts per year

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Posts per year
Year starting Posts
2014 3
2015 0
2016 0
2017 2
2018 0
2019 0
2020 0
2021 0
2022 3
2023 1
2024 0

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Most recent posts

Stylidium debile in Cultivation
Léelo en español Years ago, I grew Stylidium debile in California. After a long period of not growing any carnivorous plants, a friend gave me this division, which just began to flower. Yes, yes, this …
On , by Forbes Conrad, 209 words
Carnivorous Plants at Phu Kradueng
Léelo en español Far away and long ago, in a time pre-COVID, I visited the Phu Kradueng National Park in northern Thailand. The park is home to a number of carnivorous plants. I observed Nepenthes …
On , by Forbes Conrad, 872 words
Pinguicula medusina and moranensis in the Ixtepeji
Léelo en español For some, the ideal walk in the woods leads to a stunning destination. For others, it is a mad dash against the clock. Then there are the saunterers, those who aspire for …
On , by Forbes Conrad, 496 words