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Electric Flapjack Guitars: Blog

We hand build custom electric guitars using a mix of traditional hand-crafted woodwork and cutting-edge digital fabrication techniques such as 3D printing and laser cutting, allowing us to create unique instruments.

  • By Michael Dales
  • Based in United Kingdom
  • Roughly three posts per month
  • First post on

Posts per month

Data for this chart is available in the table below
Posts per month
Month starting Posts
Jul 2022 3
Aug 2022 3
Sep 2022 3
Oct 2022 1
Nov 2022 0
Dec 2022 0
Jan 2023 3
Feb 2023 4
Mar 2023 4
Apr 2023 5
May 2023 3
Jun 2023 3
Jul 2023 3
Aug 2023 3
Sep 2023 1
Oct 2023 7
Nov 2023 1
Dec 2023 0

Any gaps could be due to errors when fetching the blog’s feed.

Most recent posts

A Couple of Weeks in the Shop
It feels longer than two weeks since I last wrote my “week” notes, but I think the continuing frustrations on the current set of builds just makes it seem so; I’d love to have some …
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A Week in the Shop
If you happened to read last week’s workshop notes, then this week might have a sense of groundhog day like repetition to it, as I mostly continued to work on the same things I was …
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A Week in the Shop
Winter is finally here, and the workshop is starting to get cold, so it’s now the season of long-johns, fleeces, and woolly hats as additional PPE. Thankfully this weekend the sun was out despite the …
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