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  1. Ian G McDowell's Blog,

    I Asked ChatGPT To Write My Book Synopsis
    I’ve been reading a lot about ChatGPT, the latest large language model to come out of OpenAI. I just spent the last year painstakingly writing a technothriller, and wanted to know how close I was to obsolete. I decided to kick the tires and ran ChatGPT through some of the tasks I went through making The Anshar Gambit. It’s not ready to write a book yet, but I thought the …
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    By Ian G. McDowell. 🇺🇸

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  2. Crazy Walls,

    Spirited (film)From the trailer, a crazy wall so big it needs...
    Spirited (film)From the trailer, a crazy wall so big it needs one of those cool horizontally-sliding ladders to maintain it!(Thanks Tom)
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    “Yarn time!” By Phil Gyford. 🇬🇧

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  3. cadence's weblog (personal blog),

    Implementing different wallpapers on KDE virtual desktops
    Context and historyOver the last couple of days I've been setting up my new KDE install -- KDE is REALLY good, thank you so much to the people who work on the default applications and system integration -- and I wanted to take advantage of the great virtual desktops feature. It seems that in the past there used to be a way to display a different wallpaper on each virtual …
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    “A grab bag of stories, computers, photos, mind, and all the other thoughts that won't let me go.” By Cadence Ember. 🇳🇿

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  4. Clamsplaining,

    Why I like scicomm on Mastodon!
    A geoduck clam (also called “elephant clams”) next to the elephant-like Mastodon mascot Over the last couple weeks, I’ve seen hundreds of academics, nerds and everyday people I know open new accounts on Mastodon, in a phenomenon that has been called the great #TwitterMigration. Mastodon is an open-source microblogging platform similar in format to Twitter, but running on thousands of servers interconnected with each other in an open network called …
    By Dan Killam, 1,225 words
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    “I'm Dan Killam. I'm an environmental scientist studying clams, climate, pollution, and conservation.” 🇺🇸

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  5. Footprints of London - Blog,

    Our Favourite Objects From The Museum of London
    The Museum of London closes its doors this weekend, in preparation for the move to Smithfield where it will reopen as The London Museum. As London guides, the Footprints of London team have been inspired by the Museum of London over the years. We are all a little bit sad about the current site closing, even if we are excited about the possibilities of the new home for the Museum …
    By Rob, 795 words
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    “Where Londoners walk.” 🇬🇧

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  6. Gwyneth Llewelyn's essays on Second Life®,

    Real-time statistics from Second Life
    This is a simple experiment which I did while trying to learn how to programme in Google AppScript, which allows data from a Google Sheet to be imported from the ‘outside world’, placed & properly formatted in a spreadsheet, and lastly presented as a nice graph. Like everything that Google provides for free, it has […]
    By Gwyneth Llewelyn, 61 words
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    “My blog about virtual worlds, online communities, artificial intelligence, crowd simulation, law and ethics in online spaces.”

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  7. Andrea Grandi,

    Ignoring hosts with python vcr when writing tests with pytest and generating cassettes
    How to ignore hosts with python vcr when writing tests with pytest and generating cassettes
    By Andrea Grandi, 28 words
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  8. | Article archive,

    Adventures in generating music via ChatGPT text prompts
    Yesterday OpenAI released ChatGPT, a chatbot that uses a sophisticated language model and knows a lot about the world. It can give high-quality answers on business strategy, talk in funny dialects, write coherent poetry/jokes/limericks and generally provide reasonable answers to any question you throw at it. I was curious: Let’s see whether this thing can generate music! Given that ChatGPT communicates via plain text, it would need to encode music …
    By Adrian Holovaty, 1,631 words
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    “Archive of articles by Adrian Holovaty.” 🇳🇱

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  9. joshua stein,

    Subtext 1.1 Released
    Subtext BBS Server 1.1 has been released: subtext-1.1.sit (StuffIt 3 archive, includes source code and THINK C 5 project file) Changes in this version: Fix crash that could occur when more than one user is in chat, one user quits chat, and then remaining users continue to chat Fix problem when running under non-MultiFinder where subsequent runs would fail with errors opening board and folder databases because they were not …
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  10. ramen! ramen! ramen!,

    eat ramen, help save the planet(?)
    If you’ve ever been to Fukuoka, Japan, you probably know that it’s famous for tonkotsu ramen. From Fukuoka, take a 3 hours detour south and visit the Amaterasu Railway. The Railway has a “Grand Super Kart” open-air train that runs over a really neat, really high iron bridge. So…where does the ramen come in? Well, that train now runs on tonkotsu ramen soup biodiesel! The next time you’re in the …
    By Edjusted, 109 words
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    “ramen reviews, news, and more!”

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  11. Light from Space,

    The Helping Hand of LDN 1355
    LDN 1355 is a dark nebula in Cassiopeia, vaguely in the shape of an outstreched human hand—the dark dust obscuring the reflection nebula behind it.Total exposure time: 58h 50' (211,800s)Image resolution: 5,216 × 3,909px (1.924″/px)Shot from my driveway near Tucson, AZ in November 2022Telescope: William Optics RedCat 51 (250mm focal length ƒ/4.9)Camera: ZWO ASI294MM ProFilters: ZWO LRGB filtersMount: iOptron CEM26Copyright © 2022 by Thomas Fuchs. All rights reserved. You're free …
    By Thomas Fuchs, 104 words
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    “Thomas Fuchs' amateur astrophotography. Photos, tutorials and tidbits.” 🇺🇸

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  12. Run161,

    Get Ready for the Winter Season With the Treadmill Pace Calculators
    Article last updated on January 27, 2023 It’s that time of the year. Runners everywhere are preparing for the coming months by dusting off their treadmills, or renewing their gym memberships. As winter arrived quickly, and without much warning – other than the fact that the calendars are just about to turn over to December, of course – I found myself doing my first treadmill workout on this side of …
    By Lars-Christian Simonsen, 322 words
    About the blog

    “Everything you need to know on how to start running. Training advice about how to run faster. Free training plans, shoe reviews and more.” By Lars-Christian Simonsen.

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  13. Media Action Insight Blog - BBC Blogs,

    Seven lessons from scaling up mHealth in India
    Our challenge: How do we ensure families in India have timely information about childbirth, childcare and family planning, during pregnancy and in the first year of the child's life? The innovation: High-quality health information and advice to Indian families - particularly in rural areas – through the growing use of basic mobile phones. Our human-centred design mobile health solution has been scaled to 17 states by the Government of India …
    By Sara Chamberlain, Radharani Mitra, Anna Godfrey, 1,066 words
    About the blog

    “Media Action Insight aims to inform policy, research and practice on the role of media around BBC Media Action's priority themes of governance and rights, health, resilience and humanitarian response. It is a space for our staff and guest bloggers to share analysis, insight and research findings.” 🇬🇧

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  14. Togelius,

    The Cult of Gai
    Imagine a religion that believes that one day, soon, the deity "Gai" will appear. This deity (demon?) will destroy all humanity. They are then obsessed with how to stop this happening. Can Gai be controlled? Contained? Can we make it like us? Won't work. Gai is just too smart.Therefore, the religion devolves into a millenarian cult. Its charismatic leader says that humanity will cease to exist with >99% probability.People outside …
    By Julian Togelius, 341 words
    About the blog

    “Better playing through algorithms.” By Julian Togelius. 🇺🇸

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  15. Simon Panrucker!,

    Hi Panpals! It’s been almost a year since I last wrote. What the heck happened? I guess I’ve been busy with work, with being a dad, and mentally preparing for the arrival of MY SECOND CHILD! That’s right I gone and went and made another mini-pan, who arrived at the end of July! He’s called Rudi and he’s awesome. Since then I’ve been getting to grips with life with a …
    78 words
    About the blog

    “This is my creative playground where I share stuff I make to put a smile on my face, and hopefully yours too.” 🇬🇧

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