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  1. Robin Sloan

    Phase change
    Protocols and plain language. Read here.
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  2. Rob Weychert
    “For all your Rob Weychert needs. Writing and links about design, art, music, film, and more.” 🇺🇸

    Police Story 3: Supercop ★★★★½
    I first saw (and loved) the Dimension Films cut of Police Story 3 when it was released in the U.S. in 1996. For years, I didn’t even know it was a sequel, since the American …
    By Rob Weychert, 392 words

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    “Roy Tang's blog. Programmer, engineer, scientist, critic, gamer, dreamer, and kid-at-heart. Randomly amazed.” 🇵🇭

    Managing Your Workload
    While digging through some old work chat logs (from 2011, more than 10 years ago!), I found some interesting advice I was giving to some junior developers in our company about how to handle and …
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  4. | Peter Rukavina's Weblog
    “I am Peter Rukavina and this is my blog. I am a writer, printer and developer.” 🇨🇦

    The 2023 Crocuses
    The first crocuses appeared in the front garden at 100 Prince Street this weekend, right in time for the vernal equinox. See also 2020 (March 24), 2021 (March 12), 2022 (March 18).
    By Peter Rukavina, 35 words

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  5. Russell Davies
    “Semi-retiring.” 🇬🇧

    Count something / write something
    A kind correspondent read my post about Do Interesting and thought I might be interested in Atul Gawande's 2005 Commencement Address to the Harvard Medical School. She's right. It's fantastic. Here's his Rule 3: "Count …
    By russell davies, 749 words

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  6. Science matters
    By Bob The Scientist. 🇮🇪

    There's Gold
    . . . in them thar youtubes . . . for a teeny fraction of those generating content on that platform. A few years ago, I was suck[er]ed into a feed of snipers / snorklers …
    By BobTheScientist, 637 words

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  7. Scraplab | a thing by Tom Taylor

    2021: week 14
    A couple of years ago I converted an old Bang & Olufsen CX50 speaker to take a Hifiberry Beocreate DSP amplifier and a Raspberry Pi running Airplay and Spotify Connect. The Beocreate board has an …
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  8. Sheep.Horse - The Blog of Andrew Stephens
    “I am Andrew Stephens, a New Zealand programmer living in Boston, USA. This is my site, where I put various projects and musings.I write on things that interest me at...” 🇺🇸

    Book : Moby Dick by Herman Melville
    Since moving to the USA I have been attempting to understand the place a little better by reading its literature. I have finally got around to reading the great edifice...
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    “a shitty blog from a will smith.” 🇺🇸

    Tomato Soup Recipe (good)
    We’ve had this recipe in our Paprika for a really long time, labeled exactly as above. It’s a creamy, rich tomato soup that’s perfect as an entree on cold winter days, but it’s best when …
    By notthatwillsmith, 1,024 words

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  10. Sidewalken
    “Simon Evans' personal website.” 🇦🇺

    A Bit Less Automatic
    Although I love RSS and am keen on ActivityPub becoming more widely used, I wish there were some way to be more selective about when my posts get shared. After I publish something on my …
    By Simon Evans, 188 words

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  11. Simon Collison | Home
    “Designer, writer, artist, musician.” 🇬🇧

    A Different Kind of Light
    The first single from my third EP is streaming everywhere. A Different Kind of Light is a theme for Osaka, a city so big that its edges are blurred, with a downtown that fizzes with …
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  12. Snarkmarket
    By Tim Carmody, et al. 🇺🇸

    Two songs from The Muppet Movie
    Why write a blog post somewhere nobody has published in five years, in a new WordPress interface where you recognize… yeah, nothing? Where somehow you can’t even upload a JPG or PNG file you downloaded …
    By Tim, 2,206 words

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    “Life and Times of a Web Developer.” By Jonathan Snook. 🇺🇸

    Dot dot dot
    The ol’ ellipses. That punctuation that denotes a pause. If ever there was something that could be used as a placeholder for the past year, the ellipses may fill that void. It marks a transition …
    By Jonathan Snook, 116 words

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    “electronic brain surgery since 2001.” By Andreas Gohr. 🇩🇪

    Extracting Code from a git Repo
    Extracting Code from a git Repo Today I nerd sniped myself. I wanted to do something completely different, but then decided to extract the JavaScript compressor that is built into DokuWiki into its own repository. …
    By andi, 645 words

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  15. Start here
    “I help people tell stories, and sometimes I tell them myself.” By Bobbie Johnson. 🇺🇸

    How does the future make you feel?
    Lots of little gems in John Seabrook’s 1994 New Yorker profile of Bill Gates, but this note stuck with me particularly. For years after the telephone was invented, in 1876, people thought it was a …
    By Bobbie Johnson, 191 words

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  16. Steamboats Are Ruining Everything
    “A writer in Brooklyn.” By Caleb Crain. 🇺🇸

    Bush Terminal Park and 29th Street Recycling Center, 27 February and 2–3 March 2023
    By Caleb Crain, 15 words

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  17. A Stick a Dog and a Box With Something In It – Words and Music from @billt
    By Bill Thompson. 🇬🇧

    Twenty-One Years of Digital Planet
    Early in 2001 I was a freelance journalist, writer and speaker, doing my best to help people understand the internet and how it was transforming the world, and arguing that it should be reshaped to …
    By billt, 935 words

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  18. STML
    “Nothing short of everything will really do. Tumblr of James Bridle /” 🇬🇷

    2023-03-13 10:48

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  19. Subpixel Space – all writing
    By Toby Shorin. 🇺🇸

    Life After Lifestyle
    This essay debuted as a talk at FWB Fest in Idyllwild, California, 2022. I’ve rearranged and expanded the material for the essay version. It is 2018 and I am on a flight to San Francisco. …
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  20. A Sunday of Liberty
    “But we want to be the poets of our life—first of all in the smallest, most everyday matters.” By Damian.

    Same As It Ever Was
    Oliver Bateman: As a lifelong strength athlete, I have toiled in filthy gyms and basements to maintain my own physical condition. I would like to say that remaining “natural” or practising intense physical discipline offers …
    By Damian, 275 words

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