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  1. Kellan Elliott-McCrea: Blog
    “A personal blog of Kellan Elliott-McCrea. I don’t really know what a “laughing meme” is. It sounded cool in 1999.” 🇺🇸

    Software and its Discontents, Part 3: Rising Cost and Elusive Success
    This is part 3 in my “Software and its Discontents” series. This series is the product of speaking with a range of folks in the industry over several months about the sense that something about …
    By Kellan Elliott-McCrea, 1,937 words

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  2. kewlchops
    “George Oates's personal blog. Enjoy! Tell your mum.” 🇬🇧

    Today's a big day
    I first wrote about a possible Flickr Foundation back in November 2007 in a notebook. Today we filed a Certificate of Incorporation to bring it into existence. Luckily I have a mate coming over for …
    By george, 78 words

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  3. Kicks Condor

    Ending Gel
    He hadn’t even gotten the letter into the envelope when he was sprayed down with Ending Gel. I know what the letter said because I was the one who sprayed him down. I tore the …
    85 words

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  4. K Sawyer Paul
    “The latest entries posted on K Sawyer Paul.” 🇨🇦

    Rating iTunes Songs in the background with iTunesKeys
    Sometimes it takes me years to find a solution to a problem. This little applet, last updated in 2015, lets me set hotkeys for rating songs in iTunes. Now, I can rate a song without …
    50 words

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  5. KTamas' Blog
    “Bringing you irregular content since 2009. By KTamas.” By Tamas Kadar. 🇺🇸

    The Story of My Avatar
    The year is 2016. It was a Monday, starting my second week of my first trip to New York in August, and I was sitting on the subway. I think I was just looking at …
    By KTamas, 431 words

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  6. Larry Hosken: New

    2023-01-24 16:20
    Who are you impersonating to celebrate Identity Theft Awareness Week?
    By lahosken, 10 words

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  7. Lee Maguire – Blog

    Person of Interest S1E10
    Notes for season 1 episode 10 “Number crunch” 14:20 The bomb in the baby-carriage was wired to the radio. It seems like such a movie-plot assassination device, but apparently exploding prams were considered a real …
    By lee, 232 words

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  8. Little Cotton Rabbits
    “knitting like mad and living with autism in the family. Knitting patterns for toys and novelties, some free and some to buy.” By Julie. 🇬🇧

    All is quiet
    January is often a quiet month for me and I'm grateful to be able to be able to slow right down and take everything as calmly as possible as I make my plans for the …
    By Julie (little cotton rabbits), 678 words

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  9. Looking at the other side NEW
    “A blog full of contrarian views.” By Javo.

    An old advice
    Today, during my lunch walk at the office, I suddenly recalled something my father used to constantly remind me many years ago. As a kid, I had this habit of walking with my hands inside …
    130 words

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  10. Lost Boy
    “The blog of @ldodds.” By Leigh Dodds. 🇬🇧

    Reflecting on 2022
    I’ve decided to keep doing the annual end of the year reflections, iterating further on the structure I used in 2021 and 2020. What follows is a mix of personal reflections on the year, as …
    By Leigh Dodds, 2,973 words

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  11. LostFocus NEW
    “A weblog by Dominik Schwind.” 🇩🇪

    They really want to burn that place to the ground, hm?
    They really want to burn that place to the ground, hm?
    By Dominik, 22 words

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  12. Making Light
    ““Say what you mean. Bear witness. Iterate.” —John M. Ford.” By Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Avram Grumer, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Abi Sutherland. 🇺🇸

    Status report, and a request
    As I said earlier today on both Twitter and Facebook, I've done just about everything I can to get this...
    By Patrick Nielsen Hayden, 25 words

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  13. Manton Reece

    2023-02-02 01:11
    We’ve lost more tree branches today than the last ice storm. Hearing the creak and fall, or scraping the roof… Not good. Power has been out most of the day, but we’ve got plenty of …
    54 words

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  14. Manu – I write
    “Yelling at the Internet clouds since 2017.” By Manuel Moreale. 🇮🇹

    A moment with sand and waves
    I've never been a sea person and I much prefer to spend my time up in the mountains but I have to admit that walking on the beach in the winter is very enjoyable. Especially …
    By Manuel Moreale, 46 words

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  15. Marcel
    “Design, code & some of the things in between.” By Marcel Wichmann. 🇩🇪

    The negativity loop
    After leaving social media for over a year, I realized that one of the worst aspects of it is that it rewards you for being negative. Every complaint, gripe and grumble can be a piece …
    By Marcel, 144 words

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  16. Mark Hurrell – Prospects

    Autechre and responsible algorithms
    Picking up the electronic music theme some more, Sean Booth from Autechre has done a couple of AMA sessions on Twitch recently which have covered some interesting stuff relating to our thing. If you don’t …
    722 words

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  17. Matt Edgar writes here

    Week-and-a-bit-note: 29 December 2022 to 6 January 2023
    New Year’s Day wander into Leeds city centre via Burmantofts and Mabgate A note covering the past week, and also the working day I put in between Christmas and New Year. How did I make …
    By mattedgar, 859 words

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  18. Matthew Sheret – is someone who types things

    January things
    Trying this for films, books, telly, art, podcasts and whatever else I want to track outside of weeknotes Atlanta, seasons 3 & 4, Disney+ – Still mulling on this one. It’s strange to watch this …
    By Matt Sheret, 780 words

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  19. Matt Mullenweg – Unlucky in Cards

    Polls on Tumblr
    We just launched polls on Tumblr, and it’s been pretty fun. Cool to bring together the Crowdsignal (née Polldaddy) technology into a new world.
    By Matt, 27 words

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  20. Matt —
    “Founder, Musing Studio / @matt.” By Matt Baer. 🇺🇸

    A new season, closing 2022
    It's been a while since I've written. Seems like the end of this year quickly fell away from me and now it's almost 2023. So what's been going on? (A microblog that turned into a …
    575 words

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