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  1. Maurice Parker

    2023-02-01 18:50
    I got new wheels and tires on the van. They look great, but the larger size puts more strain on my little 4.6 V8. I completely blew a spark plug out of the engine from …
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  2. Max Barry | he writes things
    “Max Barry writes novels, creates web things, runs, and coaches kids' netball.” 🇦🇺

    NationStates Turns Twenty
    So I normally keep my NationStates stuff separate from this blog. But it’s 20 years today since I launched a little web game in the hope that it would promote my novel Jennifer Government, and …
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    “being the World Wide Web presence of one Maya, an enthusiasm enthusiast and æsthete of no renown.”

    no more startups. programming skills only to be used for projects based on surreal dreams
    She processes her voice into a birdsong-like sound because of a bird speaking to her in a dream. Via @Vierkantor
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  4. McFilter
    “The Web as filtered (and hopefully enriched ;-) by Adrian McEwen.” 🇬🇧

    The Platform Cooperative Cloud
    Tom Critchlow has written a great essay about The Magic of Small Databases. We’ve built many tools for publishing to the web - but I want to make the claim that we have underdeveloped the …
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  5. a memory less ephemeral
    “random stuff that caught my fancy that I would otherwise forget.” By Susan Stepney. 🇬🇧

    sequestering carbon, several books at a time CXXVII
    The latest batch:
    By Susan Stepney, 11 words

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  6. MetaGrrrl
    “Hello. My name is Dinah Sanders. I've been blogging for over twenty years. I'm a web geek and writer. I like it that way.” 🇺🇸

    Musings on the changing nature of (social) media
    Woke up thinking about how different Mastodon feels (even now as its culture has shifted a bit from what I was seeing a year ago) compared to other social media. Other, generally shareholder-value-focused, services hold …
    By Dinah from Kabalor, 660 words

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  7. Michael Sippey – Medium
    “Person of interests.” 🇺🇸

    it’s messy
    Wilco has a new record coming, Cruel Country. Jeff Tweedy, in his newsletter, shares some of the background promo material, which includes this gem of a graf.The whole record is comprised, almost entirely, of live …
    By Michael Sippey, 275 words

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  8. Microkhan
    “Daily polymathism since the Year of the Ox.” By Brendan I. Koerner. 🇺🇸

    The Farthest End
    Yes, still here, and still curious about those portions of the earth that are most unlike my own. Thus my recent interest in the goings on Heard Island, an uninhabited blob that can lay fair …
    By Brendan I. Koerner, 190 words

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  9. Mike Lynch
    “I'm a coder, writer and musician in Sydney, Australia.” 🇦🇺

    Saturday links
    Visualise and/or animate the effects of git commands - a warning that this blew up when I tried using it to visualise a simple git rebase Sapling is Meta/Facebook's source control system, a fork and …
    By Mike Lynch, 314 words

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  10. minor 9th
    “Simon's blog about product management, music and life.” By Simon Pearson. 🇬🇧

    Weeknotes #65: finally, it happened to me
    Lady rona finally deigned to come and visit, with comically bad timing. It’s pretty nasty, even after vaccination. On the other hand, the freezer is well stocked, and I had a week off of work …
    By Simon Pearson, 299 words

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  11. mssv – Adrian Hon

    Generative AI in Game Development: Threat or Menace?
    As I approach my third decade in the games industry, my natural curiosity about new technologies is now mixed with worry: that if I don’t learn them quickly enough, they might also bring my obsolescence. …
    By Adrian Hon, 812 words

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  12. My Blog
    “One person is typing.” By Cassey Lottman. 🇺🇸

    Items I loved for my new baby
    these burp cloths are great, get a ton. Skip Hop Baby Activity Center table is life, once baby has some head and neck control. We also used a baby swing and a Baby Bjorn bouncer …
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  13. My Writing – Pete Ashton's website
    “I intend for this site to both showcase and enable my writing practice.” 🇬🇧

    Queering the Normal
    This interview with Tilda Swinton is a delight on so many levels. I commend it to you without question. So much in there about the importance of art, and also the importance of not doing …
    By Pete Ashton, 792 words

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  14. NEW
    “Maunderings of a Digital Self.” By Nabil Maynard. 🇺🇸

    More on Mastodon
    Over at Ars Technica, Ben Klemens has an article diving into Mastodon and federation. It’s a good explainer if you’re curious about the standards underpinning the services. The idea of an open web where actors …
    By Nadreck, 216 words

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  15. Nat Buckley — Blog
    “I’m Nat Buckley, a London-based designer. My pronoun is they.” 🇬🇧

    When I started writing weeknotes in (checks notes) January 2019 I wanted to find a relaxed writing voice that was less dry than my style at the time. My hero was (and still is) Matt …
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  16. Nelson's Weblog
    By Nelson Minar. 🇺🇸

    My work at early Twitter
    I worked at Twitter part-time starting June 2007. I've never talked much about this in public. I'm revisiting it because of the complete disaster Elon Musk has made of Twitter. His sabotage of the company …
    By Nelson Minar, 274 words

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  17. Neuromantics / Bunker
    “things from the past, thoughts about now, space for the future.” By Paulpod. 🇬🇧

    Year note 2022
    It is New Years Day and I’m writing this as a work marker for the year just gone. It’s been a long year, for me. A bit of a slog. What got done? NHS 111 …
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  18. Nick Sweeney
    “much less than could be described in this sp.” 🇺🇸

    w/ apologies to Tom
    O shred shred shred they all go into the shredder The paper into crosscut traces, the paper torn from paper. The trash bills, cancelled cheques and plaintive requests for money, The invoices paid and unpaid, …
    By nick, 115 words

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  19. Nicky Makes Words Sometimes
    “at the insistence of no-one i have typed things.” By Nicky Case.

    New project! Nutshell: make expandable explanations
    After 2 years of procrastinating on this project... it's finally out! My first post-burnout-hiatus interactive thingy: 🥜 Nutshell: make expandable explanations 🥜 👉 👈 This is a tool for writers, to let their readers …
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  20. Noisy Decent Graphics
    “A series of blog posts by Ben Terrett.” 🇬🇧

    My favourite use of ChatGPT AI so far - the better second draft
    One of the most exciting uses of AI is the ability to improve written work through better grammar and structure. By submitting a rough draft to an AI tool, we can get a revised version …
    By Ben, 232 words

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