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    “Mad Science Blogging.” 🇺🇸

    Links for May 2023
    One month left in the mysteries contest! Get your submissions in by July 1st. Good luck! ExFatLoss: The Slightly Complicated Theory of Obesity In a sense, nutrition science has maneuvered itself into a corner here. …
    By slimemoldtimemold, 1,280 words

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  2. Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
    By Andrew Gelman. 🇺🇸

    “The traffic accidents study exposes the lamentable state of Covid-19 science”
    Kaiser has the story: The recent study tying lack of vaccinations to traffic accidents illustrates everything that is wrong with the state of our peer-reviewed scientific process. The study uses data that do not capture …
    By Andrew, 652 words

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  3. Thinking about Science with David Hukins
    “Understanding science NOT learning "facts".” 🇫🇷

    23.10 Frequency analysis and x-ray crystallography
    At the beginning of post 23.4, I described two routes to understanding x-ray crystallography. If you prefer the second, less mathematical, route – ignore this post! Before you read this, I suggest you read post …
    By David Hukins, 782 words

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  4. Watered Down Physics
    “By Alan Reifman, Non-Physicist.”

    Vox Explains Henrietta Leavitt's 1908 Discovery of How to Measure Distances to Stars and Galaxies
    Vox provides a very clear explanation of Henrietta Leavitt's 1908 discovery that allows us to estimate the distance to stars and galaxies. The book Einstein's Greatest Mistake (which I previously reviewed here) also discusses Leavitt's …
    By alan, 132 words

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