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  1. Erik Bernhardsson

    What I have been working on: Modal
    Long story short: I'm working on a super cool tool called Modal. Please check it out — it lets you run things in the cloud without having to think about infrastructure. Scaling out, scheduling, containerization, …
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  2. Essays by Suhas Guruprasad

    Ideology as a service, subscribe now
    ⚠️ Disclaimer: This article is written with the help of a Large Language Model (LLM). This is a take. I’m selling you a take. Would you buy my take? Ideology as a service probably always …
    1,528 words

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  3. Evert's Dugout
    “I'm a programmer. I'm mostly focused on building API's, HTTP-related applications and improving development processes.” By Evert Pot. 🇨🇦

    Winding down Bad Gateway
    In 2019 I started Bad Gateway as a software development agency. Last year we grew all the way to 7 people. It was crazy challenging, especially with Covid in the mix; but ultimately could not …
    By Evert Pot, 169 words

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    “amos loves to tinker.”

    Extra credit
    We've achieved our goals already with this series: we have a web service written in Rust, built into a Docker image with nix, with a nice dev shell, that we can deploy to But …
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  5. – Weekly Posts
    “Helping Geeks Produce for Over 40 Years. My mission is to help people learn how to embrace change and harvest its value.” By GeePaw Hill. 🇺🇸

    Why Only Change Frames?
    Today I want to answer a question that, honestly, almost no one ever asks. Why are we changing frames, instead of getting rid of them altogether? Talking about change in the geek trades is a …
    By GeePaw, 92 words

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  6. Hillel Wayne
    “This blog is a mix of deep dives into formal methods for businesses and programming topics I find interesting.” 🇺🇸

    That Time Indiana Almost Made π 3.2
    I originally ran this on my newsletter last year but I like it way too much to let it rot in the archives. Enjoy! Happy Pi Day!1 To celebrate I want to get away from …
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  7. Hugo Landau
    ““an online dustbin where you leave your collected written thoughts” — someone describing this website.”

    [Computing] The inscrutable nature of UK rail ticketing
    (or: It's embarassing how often as a customer, I have to make educated guesses on how a company's IT works, Part 1)
    By Hugo Landau, 30 words

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  8. Ian Bicking: a blog

    World Building With GPT
    I’ve been doing lots of experiments with GPT, though I’ve only written about one until now… the more serious something is the harder it is to call it finished or identify the outcomes. Here I’ll …
    By Ian Bicking, 4,659 words

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  9. Ideas.Offby1
    “a code maker and opinion haver with GitHub.” By Chris Rose. 🇺🇸

    Updating your NEXUS enrollment after naturalizing as a US citizen
    I recently naturalized as a US citizen and I had a hell of a time identifying exactly which steps I needed to take to get my Nexus card updated to reflect my new citizenship status. …
    By Chris Rose, 265 words

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    By iliana etaoin. 🇺🇸

    The undocumented Android change that led to aCropalypse was reported during the beta
    Exploiting aCropalypse: Recovering Truncated PNGs (CVE-2023-21036): The bug lies in closed-source Google-proprietary code so it’s a bit hard to inspect, but after some patch-diffing I concluded that the root cause was due to this horrible …
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  11. inessential: weblog
    By Brent Simmons. 🇺🇸

    On Not Taking Money for NetNewsWire
    From time to time a NetNewsWire user lets me know that they’d be happy to pay for the app or add to a tip jar. The answer is always the same: we don’t take money, …
    809 words

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  12. Information Flaneur
    “Hugh Rundle's internet web site.” 🇦🇺

    ISBN-A - Combining ISBNs with DOIs
    A few weeks ago my work team had a question we weren't sure how to answer. We publish open textbooks as part of the library's mission to provide access to high quality learning resources, and …
    By Hugh Rundle, 593 words

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  13. James Stanley
    “The writing is bad and the stories are not very interesting.” 🇬🇧

    Oscillating Engine Simulator
    I've been working on an oscillating engine simulator. It's a type of steam engine where instead of valve gear, the cylinder swings back and forth, exposing a hole in the cylinder to an inlet port …
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  14. José Cabeda
    “A data engineer focused on improving data systems and educating on how to use them.” 🇵🇹

    New moves! | Readings
    This week I’ve been a bit late on the reading update as I’ve gotten to move from pocket to notion, so a bit of reading to try and clean my huge reading list on Pocket. …
    223 words

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  15. Joy of Computing
    “A new link every weekday from the Recurse Center community.” 🇺🇸

    Illuminated Texts
    Tuesday, Sep 6 Illuminated Texts (permalink) made and submitted by nbertagnolli Using Dalle-2 to illustrate classic poems! — nbertagnolli
    By nbertagnolli, 20 words

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  16. Julia Evans
    “This blog is about being delighted about programming….” 🇨🇦

    Some possible reasons for 8-bit bytes
    I’ve been working on a zine about how computers represent thing in binary, and one question I’ve gotten a few times is – why does the x86 architecture use 8-bit bytes? Why not some other …
    2,618 words

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  17. Kev Quirk
    “Part time geek, full time idiot.” 🇬🇧

    Thoughts on Editing Posts
    Should content on a personal site be edited, or should it be a snapshot in time? Here’s my thoughts… So I read this post by Manu Moreale yesterday, where he was talking about retrospectively editing …
    428 words

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  18. ktheory
    “The personal blog of Aaron Suggs.” 🇺🇸

    A new model for social energy
    I find the traditional introversion / extraversion spectrum used in Myers-Briggs personality test to be inadequate to understand my social energy. When I took an online assessment years ago, I was smack in the middle: …
    329 words

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  19. (lambda (x) (create x)) NEW
    By Will Sinatra. 🇺🇸

    Conversing with Destiny
    Conversing with Destiny A Dialogue on Free Will between AI and Humanity · March 15th, 2023 Content Warning: Strong language A friend of mine wrote a ChatGPT IRC bot recently, which is great, because now …
    4,462 words

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  20. learnbyexample
    “Learn Python, Regex, Linux, Scripting, Vim, Ebooks, Self-Publishing and Interesting Tech Nuggets.” By Sundeep Agarwal.

    Python tip 25: split and partition string methods
    The split() method splits a string based on the given substring and returns a list. By default, whitespace is used for splitting and empty elements are discarded. >>> greeting = ' \t\r\n have a nice …
    253 words

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