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  1. TheJavaGuy Blog
    Blog about software development. By Ivan Milosavljević. 🇩🇪 More info

    So what exactly is a whitespace in Java?
    In our programs we often have to deal with whitespaces, for example to sanitize input we received from users or other applications. With the release of Java 11, there have been some changes to the …
    96 words
  2. Thejesh GN ⏚ ತೇಜೇಶ್ ಜಿ.ಎನ್
    A Blog, A Website and A container for all my views with excerpts from technology, travel, films, india, photography, kannada, friends and other interests. 🇮🇳 More info

    Friends of NMG
    We have a public discussion email list for Friends of NMG. You can join the group if you are remotely interested in NMG, Micro Grants, or just looking to talk to interesting people. Folks have …
    By Thejesh GN, 160 words
  3. things from the room in the back
    By agnes cameron. 🇬🇧 More info

    agrarianism and revolution reading group
    The Agrarianism and Revolution Reading Group met weekly for the duration of the Delfina Foundation’s 2022 Politics of Food Programme. Organised by myself and fellow resident Åsa Sonjasdotter, the impetus for the group came from …
    2,598 words
  4. Thomas Stringer
    Blog and portfolio focused on Linux, Kubernetes, containers, DevOps, cloud, and other technical things. 🇺🇸 More info

    What Determines if a Kubernetes Node is Ready?
    Anybody that has dealt with Kubernetes clusters for any amount of time has likely ran into a situation where they run kubectl get nodes and may see the infamous NotReady state. It’s a deceivingly c...
    By Thomas Stringer, 43 words
  5. TokyoDev | Articles
    Helping international software developers start and grow their career in Japan. By Paul McMahon. 🇯🇵 More info

    この記事はAnn Kilzerによる[A four-stage approach for hiring women on your engineering team](の日本語訳です。 「チームに女性エンジニアが欲しいけど、なかなか応募がこない」という話は、日本でも私の母国であるアメリカでも、スタートアップの創業者からよく聞きます。 チーム内の性別にもっと多様性を持たせたいと同じように考えている人がいれば、ぜひこの記事を読み進めてみてください。もっと多くの女性エンジニアに興味を持ってもらい応募を検討してもらうだけでなく、実際に雇用し働き続けてもらうための戦略を紹介します。ここでの内容は、3人だけの小さな会社から2万人規模の企業まで、色々な会社で12年以上ソフトウェア・エンジニアとして私自身が学んできたことに基づいています。 それに加えて、テック業界で活躍する女性を支援する非営利団体の支部である[Women Who Code Tokyo](のシニアディレクターとしての経験、そして読書やメンタリングから得た学びも織り交ぜてお伝えしたいと思います。 具体的な話に入る前に、頭に入れておいてほしいのは「 完璧主義では進歩しない」ということ。アジャイルなソフトウェア開発と同じように、昨日よりもよくなることを目指し、失敗から学び、前進するのだということを心に留めておいてください。 また、この記事では主に男女のバランスに焦点を当てていますが、LGBTQIA+(ジェンダーの多様性にはノンバイナリーも含まれます)、国籍、人種、障がいの有無など、多様性においては他にも考慮すべき重要な点があるということも認識しておいてください。 ## 4段階のステップ 今より多くの女性を採用するために必要なプロセスは下記の4つのステップです。 1. 現状を評価する 2. 関心を持ってもらう 3. 採用する 4. 働き続けてもらう 女性エンジニアの採用を希望する企業の多くは、3.の採用段階の改善から着手します。一方で、社内におけるジェンダー多様性の現状を評価したり、女性にとって魅力的な会社にするための努力は後回しにしがち。そのため、改善の効果は限定的か、ほとんど見られないというのがよくあるパターンです。 では、各ステップを詳しく見ていきましょう。 ## ステップ1:現状を評価する …
    By Ann Kilzer, 269 words
  6. Tom Armitage » Blog
    🇬🇧 More info

    Worknotes: Spring 2024
    A quarter has passed since the last worknotes; now’s a good time to reflect on what I’ve been up to. Lunar Energy Two pieces of work this quarter with the Design team at Lunar. I …
    568 words
  7. Tom Insam · Blog
    Words by Tom Insam. 🇺🇸 More info

    Apple Photos
    Photos: “Here’s a favorites album! You can put the photos you like the most in it! There are other albums, and you can share the whole library with your family, but not your albums. Apart …
    By tominsam, 252 words
  8. Triple Eh?
    More info

    "Fy Maen yn Hir"
    looks up Blimey, er, time's kinda flown. But what a year. I posted in INTERLUDE that I needed to sort myself out before the Winter of Discontent II landed. Well, we got through that. We …
    219 words
  9. Tyler Reckart's Blog
    Tyler Reckart is a programmer, photographer, and writer based in Greenville, SC. 🇺🇸 More info

    Writing a Tab View Controller in Swift UI
    In my opinion, Swift UI is a fantastic jumping-off point for less experienced developers wanting to get into iOS development. It reminds me of my earliest days of programming; just turn the clock back 15 …
    848 words
  10. Wesley Aptekar-Cassels
    🇹🇼 More info

    End-to-end testing emails
    I came up with a really slick trick to write E2E tests that deal with sending/receiving emails recently. This is the sort of thing that seems like it's probably usually sort of a nightmare — …
    515 words
  11. Whoops by Jonathan Libov
    Whoops is Jonathan Libov's blog and website. Jonathan chronicles the many fortunate mistakes he's made in his life and in building great web/mobile products. 🇺🇸 More info

    AI still doesn't really understand memes
    Introduction Antimatter is a platform for teaching and learning through memes. Teachers use Antimatter to invite students to create memes based on their current unit as a means of what teachers call formative assessment, because, …
    By Jonathan Libov, 2,994 words
  12. William Edmisten
    I often write about Python, OpenStreetMap, web scraping, and data visualization. 🇺🇸 More info

    A Copy of a Copy of a Copy: the Story of FDA Medical Device Clearances
    Uncovering medical device ancestry from the FDA's 510k data and creating a free website for exploring it.
    By William Edmisten, 32 words
  13. WriteFreely
    A clean, simple publishing platform made for writers. Write together, and build a community. 🇺🇸 More info

    Version 0.15
    Our first release of 2024 is here! This one features many small improvements and fixes, plus a big new feature many people have asked for: newsletters / email subscriptions! Download v0.15.0 now, or read on …
    601 words
  14. | Blog
    David Brownman's little corner of the internet. 🇺🇸 More info

    My Favorite Media of 2023
    Welcome one and all to the 8th annual compilation of my favorite media of the year! This post is my favorite way to reflect on the year that…
    By David Brownman, 33 words
  15. Xe - Blog
    Archmage of Infrastructure. By Xe Iaso. 🇨🇦 More info

    I somehow managed to lock myself out of my Authy secrets
    EDIT: I got access back. Merging accounts apparently takes an hour without it telling you that it does. Crisis averted. Still moving away from Authy because that experience was terrifying. I tried to move my …
    113 words
  16. Yasha Solutions
    Full-Stack Product Manager - From Idea to operations - Build the Change you want to see in the world, People-oriented solution, Build the change you want to see in the world. By Johann Savalle. 🇫🇷 More info

    What is inertiajs
    the JavaScript apps the monolith way.
    9 words
  17. yield code(); - Dmitry Kudryavtsev
    Thoughts and stories on programming, the industry, and technology from a software engineer. More info

    xz backdoor
    A malicious backdoor was discovered in xz library that implements LZMA compression. xz, among many other places, is used, indirectly, in sshd. My attempt to explain what happened.
    30 words
  18. Yusuf's Home
    I am a software engineer and I write articles about cool stuff. By Youssef Bouzekri. 🇹🇳 More info

    Linux text manipulation
    learning a lot about sed, awk and other commands by making a spotify statusbar widget
    By - (Yusuf Bouzekri, 18 words
    Just this guy, you know? By Zachary Kanfer. 🇺🇸 More info

    til: Ruby's hashmap syntax
    I was writing some Ruby for the first time, and I made a hashmap with some data in it. map1 = {"foo": 1, "bar": 2} I was then surprised to find out that I couldn't …
    236 words
    Personal weblog about programming, linux, life, the universe and everything. By Mathias Fußenegger. 🇦🇹 More info

    Share your problem, don't request features
    I help maintain a couple of projects and one aspect I find surprising — and a bit troubling — is how often people ask for features without explaining their problem. Maybe it’s already in the …
    70 words