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  1. Tao of Mac - Home Page
    “Keeping Things Simple.” By Rui Carmo. 🇵🇹

    Apple Has a Vision, and it's Pro
    I’m going to get the Vision Pro out of the way first, because besides being at least a year out, $3499 and requiring lens inserts (which will very likely not be available for my specific …
    By Rui Carmo, 1,393 words

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  2. Tech Xplore
    “Tech Xplore covers the latest engineering, electronics and technology advances.” 🇬🇧

    Sponge helps robotic arms grasp delicate objects
    A simple sponge has improved how robots grasp, scientists from the University of Bristol have found.
    23 words

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  3. Terence Eden’s Blog

    Google Alerts told me I'm dead...
    There's an old joke about a man who reads his morning paper in bed. If he's not listed in the obituaries, he gets up to start his day. A few months ago I was checking …
    By @edent, 225 words

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  4. v21 | Blog
    “v buckenham | artist / curator / game designer / creative technologist / etc | based in London, UK.” 🇬🇧

    A talk: How To Find Things Online
    This is a talk given at the Pervasive Media Studio for their lunchtime talks series. It is therefore written to be read. You can also watch the recording of the talk if you like - …
    5,562 words

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  5. The Waving Cat – Blog
    “I work as an independent advisor to make sure that emerging technologies benefit society.” By Peter Bihr. 🇩🇪

    RIP Social Internet (2005-2023)
    I’m calling it: We’re witnessing the end of an Internet era. You could smell it in the air for some time, but there’s no denying it: The end of social media as we knew it …
    By Peter Bihr, 398 words


  6. We Make Money Not Art
    By Régine Debatty.

    Heard by the Deep. How sound artists reveal the challenges encountered by the underwater world
    Marine animals sense the world through sound, which travels farther underwater than light. Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel burning are making the oceans more acidic, meaning that the water carries sound further, leading to …
    By Regine, 1,505 words

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  7. - Home
    “Electronics & Software Projects.” By Thomas Buck. 🇩🇪

    Abandoning PlatformIO
    So as you may know, for a lot of embedded projects I've been using PlatformIO as a build tool. This will not continue. Some community member developed support for RP2040 with the Arduino Framework for …
    96 words

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  8. ZephrSec - ZSEC Blog
    “Andy Gill's site, covers posts of offense, defense and general security.” 🇬🇧

    WebSockets are a Pain - A Journey in Learning and Leveraging
    This will be a quick guide on a few simple methods for leveraging WebSockets(they're nothing new, but they are an avenue I had not considered up until I was up against a wall looking for …
    By Andy Gill, 1,583 words

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