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  1. Open Source Musings
    “Sharing a passion for Linux and open source, with a decidedly non-techie slant.” By Scott Nesbitt. 🇳🇿

    Where to Buy a Linux-Powered Computer
    You can't buy a computer with Linux pre-installed. How many times have you heard that refrain? I've heard it a lot over the last 20+ years. And still do every so often nowadays, believe it …
    243 words

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  2. Pixel Envy
    “A sassy weblog written by Nick Heer with topics including technology and policy, Apple, Silicon Valley, and privacy.” 🇨🇦

    DPReview to Close
    Scott Everett of DPReview: After nearly 25 years of operation, DPReview will be closing in the near future. This difficult decision is part of the annual operating plan review that our parent company shared earlier …
    By Nick Heer, 151 words

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  3. Pluralistic
    “Daily links from Cory Doctorow – No trackers, no ads. Black type, white background. Privacy policy: we don't collect or retain any data at all ever period.” 🇺🇸

    Pluralistic: Mass tech worker layoffs and the soft landing (21 Mar 2023)
    Today's links Mass tech worker layoffs and the soft landing: Finally, the non-tech sector can hire technical workers. Hey look at this: Delights to delectate. This day in history: 2003, 2013, 2018, 2022 Colophon: Recent …
    By Cory Doctorow, 1,591 words

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  4. Radar – O’Reilly
    “Now, next, and beyond: Tracking need-to-know trends at the intersection of business and technology.” By Tim O’Reilly, Mike Loukides, Q McCallum, et al. 🇺🇸

    Getting the Right Answer from ChatGPT
    A couple of days ago, I was thinking about what you needed to know to use ChatGPT (or Bing/Sydney, or any similar service). It’s easy to ask it questions, but we all know that these …
    By Mike Loukides, 578 words

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  5. ResearchBuzz
    “News and resources covering social media, search engines, databases, archives, and other such information collections. Since 1998.” By Tara Calishain. 🇺🇸

    Junkipedia, Lloyd Mackey, Deepfake Videos, More: Tuesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, March 21, 2023
    NEW RESOURCES Global Investigative Journalism Network: New Investigative Tools for Monitoring Social Media Platforms. “Originally designed to monitor disinformation and ‘junk news,’ Junkipedia has developed to the point where the tool will change its name …
    By ResearchBuzz, 741 words

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  6. RetroFun! – Osiem bitów powraca! NEW
    “8-bit strikes back.” By ikari. 🇵🇱

    Pisanie dla CPC6128 w roku 2023
    Zabrałem się w wolnym czasie za nowy projekt i powoli powstaje nowe oprogramowanie, niebędące grą, na Amstrada CPC. Pomyślałem, że dzielenie się przemyśleniami z tego... Read more
    By ikari, 33 words

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  7. Riccardo Mori
    “Writer & Translator.” 🇪🇸

    Subscription fatigue and related musings
    I’m still using the previous version. I really love its design and functionality, but no more subscriptions for me, sorry. This is an App Store review of an app I, too, have been using on …
    By Riccardo Mori, 2,888 words

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  8. Sally Lait | Blogs
    “Posts about life, engineering management, the web industry, and things that I've been up to.” 🇬🇧

    Tell me about a time documents
    During my latest job search, I’ve found myself wishing I’d kept more detailed notes on situations encountered in previous roles. It’s led me to put together something I’m calling my ‘Tell me about a time’ …
    By Sally Lait, 80 words

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  9. Schneier on Security
    “I am a public-interest technologist, working at the intersection of security, technology, and people.” By Bruce Schneier. 🇺🇸

    US Citizen Hacked by Spyware
    The New York Times is reporting that a US citizen’s phone was hacked by the Predator spyware. A U.S. and Greek national who worked on Meta’s security and trust team while based in Greece was …
    By Bruce Schneier, 186 words

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    “This site is my attempt to finally start writing a tech-blog after growing up with Linux and many years of tinkering with technology, especially DevOps, system administration, network administration, programming, and a bit of data science.” By Merlin Scholz. 🇩🇪

    Clearing up Plex networking internals
    Plex annoys me. Yet I have to admit it is by far the easiest thing to use for the end user. If it weren't for that I would've switched to Jellyfin long ago. One thing …
    1,025 words

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  11. Stratechery by Ben Thompson
    “On the business, strategy, and impact of technology.” 🇺🇸

    The End of Silicon Valley (Bank)
    Banks are, at their core, facilitators: depositors lend their money to a bank, for which they are paid interest, and banks lend that money out, again for interest. A bank is profitable if the interest …
    By Ben Thompson, 3,890 words

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  12. Tao of Mac - Home Page
    “Keeping Things Simple.” By Rui Carmo. 🇵🇹

    Gruber and the Steve Jobs deepfake
    This (and the linked examples) was chilling, and I’ve been listening to neural network synthesized voices for a while. I suspect the reason why it feels more impressive than other forms of generative AI is …
    By Rui Carmo, 75 words

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  13. Tech Xplore
    “Tech Xplore covers the latest engineering, electronics and technology advances.” 🇬🇧

    Developing self-sensing metamaterial concrete for smart infrastructure systems
    Concrete is the most used material in the construction industry and dates to the Roman Empire. Engineers at the University of Pittsburgh are now reimagining its design for the 21st century.
    39 words

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  14. Terence Eden’s Blog

    Book Review: Denizen 43 - A. E. Currie
    I usually don't like reading endless sequels of sci-fi books - but I'll make a gleeful exception for Anne Currie's "Panopticon" series. What if the METAVERSE but IN SPACE! With a MURDER! C'mon, how can …
    By @edent, 165 words

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  15. v21 | Blog
    “v buckenham | artist / curator / game designer / creative technologist / etc | based in London, UK.” 🇬🇧

    Notes on Twitter, 28th October 2022
    So, last night Elon Musk bought Twitter! Let’s talk a little bit about what I think the future holds. He bought Twitter for more than it is worth. You can tell this is true because …
    2,073 words

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  16. The Waving Cat – Blog
    “I work as an independent advisor to make sure that emerging technologies benefit society.” By Peter Bihr. 🇩🇪

    Mimicry not Meaning (Connection Problem S09E06)
    Note: This is cross-posted from my newsletter in an attempt to both to make it easier to read this via RSS feed and to have this in my own independent archives. You can subscribe here …
    By Peter Bihr, 1,718 words

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  17. We Make Money Not Art
    By Régine Debatty.

    Invention and Innovation. A Brief History of Hype and Failure
    “This book is a reminder of the world as it is, not the world of exaggerated claims or, even worse, the imaginary world of indefensible fantasies,” writes scientist and policy analyst Vaclav Smil in Invention …
    By Regine, 796 words

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  18. - Home
    “Electronics & Software Projects.” By Thomas Buck. 🇩🇪

    ...back to Input Devices overview For some years I have been using Trackballs from Logitech, first the M570 and then the MX Ergo. But of course we could also build our own! So because Philipp …
    2,593 words

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  19. ZephrSec - ZSEC Blog
    “Andy Gill's site, covers posts of offense, defense and general security.” 🇬🇧

    Ticket Fraud Scammers - An Investigation
    So recently, I came across someone selling tickets to various gigs and events; a friend also got scammed for money when they thought they were buying. So it got me thinking, how deep does the …
    By Andy Gill, 646 words

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