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The newsletter will now be blog posts

I’ve just sent out the second issue of the email newsletter but, in a sense, it’s the last issue of the email newsletter. After this, all blog posts will be sent to the newsletter, and there won’t be different content delivered by email. You can subscribe to this blog by RSS or, now by email. There’s no newsletter with its own different content.

I explain a bit about why in the newsletter and, so you don’t miss out, here’s the full content of that newsletter… newsletter #2

Hello, remember me? This is the newsletter for, the directory of blogs, which currently contains 1,590 blogs.

After this newsletter future emails will only be posts from the site’s own blog, rather than entirely different content. If you already subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed you might not want to read everything twice so feel free to unsubscribe from one or the other (there’s a link at the end for unsubscribing from emails).

Why the change? Because I’m not sure why something should be in the blog or the newsletter, and I end up not writing anything for either. So, let’s keep it simple for now – the same words in emails and RSS, and a bit more frequently.

Blog posts

To catch us up, here are the blog posts since the last newsletter:

New categories

As categories fill up with new blogs I’m gradually creating new subcategories within them. Here are some of the newer ones in case they’re up your street:

Which day?

Last time I asked you to guess what day of the week was the most popular one on which to start a blog. Can you remember what you guessed?

We know the date of the first post for 1,421 blogs on the site and from that, here are the most popular days of the week:

Day of week Blogs started
Monday 260
Tuesday 229
Wednesday 227
Friday 196
Thursday 185
Sunday 178
Saturday 146

There we go. And looking at the days of the week on which blog posts were published, this confirms that weekends are quieter in the blogosphere:

Day of week Posts published
Tuesday 20,237
Monday 20,211
Wednesday 19,574
Thursday 18,692
Friday 18,613
Saturday 10,785
Sunday 10,582

To be fair, this is skewed a bit by a few professional blogs that publish many posts, presumably while the writers are at work, and that tend to hog the Recently updated blogs page, which is a problem for another day.

Finally, here are a few blogs that have caught my attention since we last newslettered you.

  • Shady Characters – In-depth posts about punctuation marks since 2010.
  • The TTABlog® – I have no interest in the US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board but I admire any blog that’s this active about such a specific thing.
  • Orson Cart – It only updates occasionally but if you ever wondered what’s involved in making horse-drawn carts from scratch, subscribe now.
  • Strong Language – “A sweary blog about swearing”. Yes, it is.
  • Magical Trash – “Documenting the trash cans of Disney theme parks and resorts for 13 years.” The more specific a blog, the more magical it is.
  • Victorian Paris – Describing what life was like in 19th century Paris, one post at a time.
  • Chaplin-Keaton-Lloyd film locations (and more) – Twelve years of posts about where and how those movies were shot.

That’s all for now. See you in the next blog post, whether delivered by email or RSS.